Tips to buy a Smartphone 2019. How do you select a perfect Smartphone?


In the year 2018, we told you the Basic smartphone buying guide. But, in this year 2018 – technology is going too much faster than 2017. So, the modern computing device (Smartphone) – Is now very essential for everyday life like our toothpaste foodstuff of daily life or more than it. But now a days so many phones launched in the market that it’s too tough for a general user to choose the right one.

Though we are quite smart to understand our requirements and so we watch the reviews to know the specifications and also compare one with another to find the perfect one. But till now the online market of our country is not so famous so most of the smartphones are sold from the offline market. In that case, if you are a general buyer then the shopkeeper will promote and sell you any other phone in many times. In that case, the shopkeeper thinks about his profit, not about your requirement.

buy phone online
smartphone buying guide

So today I am going to give you some tips or guideline to buy a smartphone by which you can review your phone easily and instantly. And you can buy the most perfect phone for you and also in your budget. Let’s start the review-

Best Smartphone Buying Guide 2019 | Select Your Budget Smartphone

Operating System

Mainly three types of operating system are available now a days in the market: Android, Windows and IOS. The Windows operating system is mainly used in the Nokia and Microsoft phones. Also, many Chinese brands also use this operating system. Only the Apple use the IOS operating system for their iPhone because it is their own operating system and probably they don’t want that any other company will use this operating system. An android is a very famous operating system. So many branded company, as well as much general company, are using the Android operating system.

Windows os
Windows os

Windows OS

Now the question is which operating system will you select for your phone. This decision depends on your budget, on your choice and obviously on your purpose of using the phone. In this matter, I will suggest that Android Operating System is best for you. But if you become bored by using Android Phone or you have some problem to use it then you can try Windows Phone. Windows phones come with a totally different interface from the Android operating system and it seems quite easier to windows P.C. users, and this feature will attract you.

But as a user, I am not so satisfied with Windows Phone cause it deprives you of the freshness of use a Smartphone. Actually, windows phone is not perfect for the tricky users as this Operating System is very closed and you can’t do any advanced use with the phone and this phone also have so many problems cause you always can’t use your favorite apps or games or software with this os. Actually, Microsoft is not bothering so much with their phone platform. So in a word, I can tell you that if you use so many phones and now want to try something new then you can try Windows Phone.

Apple’s iOS

There is nothing to discuss about IOS.

Apple's iOS
Apple’s iOS

As you all know that the most required thing to use an IOS or Apple I-Phone is money. So if you have enough money then you can easily buy an I-Phone because Apple is always the best for their product quality and customer support. And whenever you buy an iPhone it’s better to buy the latest models. Many of us buy old models to buy the logo only.

Your money has value so if you buy an iPhone IV or iPhone V then you are wrong because they are very good at their time but standing on 2017 they are too old to use. So it’s better to buy an Android phone rather than buying an old version of I-Phone with Rs. 20,000 to get the better value of your money. And there is nothing to say about the configuration of the I-Phones because in the latest I-Phone they always use the latest hardware today’s time for customer satisfaction.

Android OS
Android OS

Android OS

Let’s talk about Android phone. You have to look at so many matters to buy an Android Phone. Though google is the owner of the software but there are so many companies who have the license to use this operating system. You can get an Android Phone from low budget to high budget in the market. So now we finish the discussion about Windows and IOS and share the tips to buy a good Android Smartphone.

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You may like Android OS, but it has so many versions. It is better to choose the latest android version in time of buying a phone. If the latest version is not possible then go for the one before the latest version. The latest version is Andriod 7.0, though very few models use this version. So Android 6.0 or Marshmallow should be the best choice for now as Lollipop or KitKat are quite backdated now a days. To use the latest version there is some good side as the app’s developer developed and updated their apps based on the new operating system, on the other hand, the new operating systems are quite safe also. As the hackers take some time to find the weak point so they don’t get any weak point so fast for the latest operating system. Now a days in maximum new released phones, Android 6.0 version is used even many low budget phones are also using Android 6.0 version.

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Processor is the key device for any computing devices, especially for the smartphones. Your phone key features mainly it will be good or bad is mainly depending on the Processor. If you are going to buy any high budget phone then you have to find for the most recent processor because latest processors will give the bests performance and also consume low power. Now a days Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, 821, 820, 810, 652, 650; For Samsung Exynos 8890, MediaTek Helio X20, X25 p60 etc. are very good processors. So you should have one of this processor to buy a good phone. The different processor of every company has the different facility so you have to choose the latest one. Even you can take ideas about update processors of present time by finding “ Latest Smartphone Processor” from google.

best processor 2018
Qualcomm Snapdragon 845


For mid-budget phones, you also find for some latest processor even you can find the latest processor for the phones of Rs. 15-20 thousand range. Generally, Snapdragon 425 to 636 or Helio p60 processor are used for the low budget phones. The other two main features of the processor are frequency (Its work ability; Shown by GHZ or Gigahertz) and core. By core, you can say more hands that means the much core you have the processor will be much faster and your phone will be much smoother.

In the present market, you can see 4 core to 8/10 core processor. But the count of the core not always give better performance because to better performance you should have a better ram and higher battery performance though you control the performance of your processor by doing overclock or under clock. Your phone also become more heat depending on the core of processor because more core doing more processing and generate more heat. So you also look at that problem. Without this, there are much more reasons of heat a smartphone.

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Clock Speed

A clock is set with the processor that shows how much is processor work in a second. You can get the processor of speed starting from 1GHZ to 1.3, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0 etc in the market. In this case, much speed is much better but for more speed, you need more battery power. And the processor industry is also monitoring on this. So if they built a 8 core processor then 4 core of it are of higher frequency and 4 core are lower frequency as the lower frequency cores save the battery life and the higher frequency cores work at the time of performance.


In Smartphones there is another term with CPU that called GPU or Graphics Processing Unit. Though the processor handles all things of the phone but Graphics, Gaming Performance, and frame per second etc. are managed by GPU. So with a good CPU, you need a good GPU also for your phone. So be confirm that phone also has a good GPU. To get latest GPU list click on Google writing “Latest Smartphone GPU”.

Now a days Adreno 530, Mali-T880 and the latest series of PowerVr are quite better. And you get much more idea from Google. You have to look at the GPU for buying a high budget or medium budget Smart Phone because you can’t set a dedicated GPU later like your PC.Those who love to gaming on phone have to look for a good GPU at their phone. Though you need not bother about phones of low budget but it’s good to choose the latest GPU always. To know more about GPU please go through the article bellow.


Random Access Memory
Random Access Memory

You can go through the dedicated article of RAM to know about the RAM. Ram is such a part of your phone which helps processor to process or run any application of phone. RAM of PC and the ram of your Smartphone are doing same work in the same process. In the present time, 2GB ram is very essential for any phone.

If you have 2GB ram then you can’t use it fully as the Operating System or different internal process uses the half of the RAM. Maybe 800MB or 1GB of your total ram is reserved by the operating system itself. Now a days in the phones of 15-20 thousand rupees, you can see 3GB or 4GB ram and there are also some phones have up to 6-8 GB ram. Now a days its ok to have 2GB RAM on your phone but if you have 3-4Gb ram then you can use them 1-2 years more. Though you don’t have much requirement of 6-8GB RAM on your phone. If you have the low budget phone then its need minimum 2GB ram in it which are available in 4 to 5 thousand Rupees. But to buy a phone with 512MB or 1 gb ram is a foolish job.

If you want to do multitasking then more ram is essential. But we don’t do so many multi-tasking in a phone. At a time we browse the internet, Check emails, work on Facebook Messenger and play music and for doing all the jobs at a time 2GB ram is enough. So the only choice that we should have 2GB Ram or higher.

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AMOLED Display

Smartphone display is such a part of which we spent much time of the day. We need a good quality display ‘which have a good color resolution and wide viewing angle’’ with a good quality phone. So you can go through the article on smartphone display wich is discussed before.Now Super AMOLED display is best and it is used by the different company like Samsung and other.

If you decided to buy a good phone then please confirm that it has Super AMOLED display. After that AMOLED display and LED display.You can get Super AMOLED display in the phones of mid-budget or AMOLED display also have no problem. In the low budget phones, you have to prefer for LED display. Now a days there is also some phone using LCD panel display and it’s better to avoid them.

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Two more things you have to observe in display one is display resolution and the other is pixel per inch or PPI. For the present demand, your display resolution must be HD (720p or 1280 x720) or it much better if it is Full HD (1080p or 1920 x1080). Without this, you can not get 4K resolution display phone in the market. For general use, full HD display is enough but for the enjoying VR (Virtual Reality) it’s better to use 2K or 4K display. Now a days you can get HD resolution display in the mid and low budget phones also.

Lg G6 WideScreen Smartphone
Lg G6 WideScreen Smartphone


Every display is made os lakhs of dots called pixel. In an HD display there are 1280 pixels horizontally and 720 pixels vertically ie. Total 1 million pixels is there. Now the matter is your display can be 6 inch or 5 inch or 5.5 inch all are HD. Whatever the size of your display the total number of pixels is 1 million. The total number of pixels in an inch is called pixel per inch or PPI. There is another article on PPI. You can go through it for information. In a word display with more PPI is better though it’s not always true. That means there should be an adjustment between display size and PPI. And 350-400 PPI is better for every screen.

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Display Size

Now let me talk about display size. Its totally depend on your choice. Some people choose small screen and some like big screen. According to me, it’s better to have a 5-inch display but you can take a small or big display than it according to your choice.   And in the time of choosing a bigger display, you also look at the resolution. If you have 5inch HD display then its ok but if it is 5.5inch or 6inch then its must be full HD otherwise it looks hessy. Again if you choose a small display with 4K then it’s also not profitable because you don’t any difference in it. I suggest you 5.5 inch to those who are the owner of big hands and 4.7 – 5 inch to those who have the small hand.


smartphone buying guide
Smartphone’s Camera

Once there was a big demand for any camera phone but it was before 8-10 years. Now a days many powerful cameras are used in Smart Phones. Starting from 5 MP to 20 MP or more than it. Though Mega Pixel is not the entire thing except it the quality of a camera also depends on the camera sensor, image processor, aperture, lens etc. There is two more post about camera sensor, image processor, aperture, lens and Mega Pixel. So to gather more information please go through it.

Now a days the phones of the high budgets have used the camera of 13-20 MP. So please observe about the lens, camera aperture, image processing software etc. Now a days the dual camera is used in many phones and it’s really good so you may buy one of it. And if you want to buy a low budget phone then its camera should be minimum 5 MP especially the front camera should be good so that you can do the video chat very well.


Smartphone's Battery
Smartphone’s Battery

Like RAM, processor and display there is also different types of batteries for Smartphones. And a perfect battery is very much required for a perfect configuration. Now a days 4000 to 6000 mAH are used for Smart Phones. And as higher the battery mAH is higher the phone battery backup. If your processor is powerful and many cores in it then its battery also should be powerful. Your phone should have minimum 3000 mAH battery and it’s better to have 4000-4500 mAh battery or more powerful than it.

Many of us think about whether the battery is removable or non-removable. Many time we reject a phone only for non-removal battery through all the configuration of it was according to our choice. We do it for some wrong information and wrong thinking. Many of us think that they can face problems when the phone hang and can’t change the battery if it damaged. This all are wrong thinking because you can reboot your phone very easily when it hang and also change its battery from the care. And I think the non-removal battery is best for getting the premium to feel on your phone. In an article, there is detail discussion about removal and non-removal battery. Please go through it for further details.

You need not have a headache whether the battery of your phone is of Lithium polymer or Lithium-ion because both of them are very good and you can trust on any one of them. Please go through the article on the Lithium-polymer and Lithium-ion technology of battery for further details.

It’s better to have quick charging technology in your high or mid budget phone because it takes its required charge in very few time. Sometimes it’s become the lifesaver for your phone. If you are a technology lover then you can choose a wireless charging phone.

Chinese brand or traditional brand?

This is a million dollars’ question to the high budget or medium budget smartphone buyer whether they choose Chinese brand or traditional brand. If you want to show off to your friends then you may choose Samsung or Apple, otherwise, if you want the perfect value of your money then you can choose any phone of Chinese brand or traditional band according to your budget.

Chinese brand like Xiaomi, OnePlus, Honor, Huawei etc. are the supplier of many good quality phones. They have so many phones starting from low range to high range which is very good and durable also. And according to my personal experience, Samsung phone of mid-budget is not a good choice rather you get all facilities you required from a Chinese brand. If you want to know the reason why the Chinese phone are so cheap then you can go through the article posted on it.

Last Word

This was the tips or guidelines to buy a Smartphone. Though the article was quite long but I think it will be fruitful for you and I think you don’t waste your time by reading it. And I think you can understand how you choose your Smartphone. If I miss any point please inform me by comment below and please share this article with your friends as much you can.

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