10 Bitter Truths That Android Users Say To iPhone



Android and iOS are the two most popular and easy to use operating systems which are dominating the today’s world right now. Android supporting phones users and iPhone users are often found arguing with each other about how their phone is awesome or you say underestimating the other’s phone.

Both have their own benefits, but there are a few exclusive Android features that iPhone owners can’t take advantage of them right now. I used both of them and I know the difference

In my personal experience, this is the list of the most common things Android users say to iPhone users

1. You don’t have personalized ringtones

Any song which I like, can set as my ringing tone

But you only fews like tring, tring…

2. You need to stream videos online

You are never ever going to directly download videos to your phone. You also need to pay for this …

3. Android is the future

 Google is behind us , supporting us and renewing us

4. No Big screen

How can you be happy with 4″ screen … but now iPhones launches phones with 5.5″ but we are using these much before

5. Charging problem

You just can’t charge your phone with any other charger

I can even charge when I missed my charger

6. Camera clarity

Well,  I got above 8 MP camera

You just got 8 M

7. Used features

The features you are using right now, I have used them 3 years ago

8. Show off

People just buy to show off

No one wants to see your half eaten apple so please keep the screen up

9. Pay for apps and games.

10. iPhone goes out of fashion one day, but Android not

Buddy, which android phone You will buy after 6 months

The war between Android users and iPhone users never comes to an end.

We need to sit back, relax and think about the future!! Both have benefits but the price makes a difference like you can even buy an Android phone at 3000 but in case of iPhone you need to spend 20000!!

So just enjoy what you have and what you are using…

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