How to connect Nokia Mobile to the Laptop through Bluetooth for accessing the Internet


Now connect your Nokia mobile to the PC without PC suite and access the internet. Yes, no data cable or no PC suite is required. You can connect your Nokia cell phone to your Laptop Computer without data cable or without PC suite software. You, Nokia PC suite is a popular software for Windows which is made by Nokia Corporation to connect a Nokia phone with a computer through a data cable.

Connect your Nokia mobile to the Laptop through Bluetooth and access the internet

nokia pc suite


  1. No PC Suite or OVI Suite is required.
  2. No data cable is required.
  3. No third party software is required.
  4. Bluetooth is a must on every device.
  5. You’ve to follow just a few steps.

A few years ago, maximum people use their Nokia Mobile as a modem for accessing the Internet. Nokia PC Suite or Nokia OVI Suite was must connect the Nokia Phone with the PC through a data cable. But, now you can connect your Nokia phone without data cable or without software.

#1 First, turn on the Bluetooth on your desktop PC or laptop PC and Nokia phone. Now add your mobile which you want to connect with PC.

#2 Now right click on the Bluetooth icon on your PC and go to “Show Bluetooth Devices”. Now you will see your device, right click on your target device >> then goes to “connect using >> access point.”

#3 Now choose your Network Operator from “Dial-up-networking” option and finish it.

Now you can browse the internet. Enjoy!

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