How to forward a call to another number?


There are many public like me, those who use many SIM cards. Like I use two SIM cards, but now I don’t have a dual SIM phone. I’m using a phone of the Nokia 1100 model at present, but the problem is I need to active my two SIM cards. But mobile supports one SIM, as a result recently another SIM is closed. Then what is the solution? Will I buy a new phone of dual SIM? Or will I use another phone? Now at least I’m not doing that work because we’re using one SIM, I can use from my one number all calls of 5/10 SIMs although from any mobile then why will I use a phone of dual SIM? Yes, friends, we may not know about this short function of a mobile that is call forwarding.

Receive all calls of closed SIM with any one SIM card.

call forwading

What is call forwarding?

Go to call setting from your phone setting option (from any mobile), you will get call forwarding option. From here, keeping activated your SIM or closing SIM, all calls of your SIM you can forward all calls in any operator’s number, you can call forward for 4 reasons.

Forward all voice calls, forward your all calls to another number:

If this phone is activated, then all calls off your phone will be transferred in local and international SIM which you had given, in other words, if any person called in your number then it will go automatically with another number which you had given. This option will work that time only when your SIM card will be activated.

Forward If Busy, if someone called you at the time of speaking:

At the time of speaking, if someone calls you then through this option you can forward that call in another number.

Forward if not answered, when you are not near the phone?

Someone called you and you could not receive. Then your call will forward in another number automatically.

Forward if out of the Network, or phone switched off:

Keeping this option activated and closing SIM card, you can transfer all calls in another number:

When someone will call you at your number, then that call will not come at your number or who will call you, normally his call will forward to another number which you had given, as a result closing your SIM also you can receive wanted calls from given another number. Activating this option if you active this SIM, then call will not forward, call will come normally, when it will not close or it will stay out of the network then call will forward.

How to activate call forwarding option?

At first go to your phone default setting option and then Call Setting > Call Divert/Forward. Now wait and see you will get 4 options which have given above. Which option you need to activate, then enter into that option and see there are 3 options. 1. Active, 2. Cenchel, 3. Check Status. Go to active option and then going to To others Number, in which number you want to call forward, active with that number. Yes work is finished.

How to close call forwarding option?

Setting > Call Setting > Call Forwarding/Divert > Cancel All Call Forwarding going to this option you can close this option.

It is a very easy process those who don’t know about them this tune is written. This tune is written especially because I don’t get any tune with this topic in any site related to Bengali technology.

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