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How are you all? I hope all of you are fine for most merciful god’s blessings. I’m also fine for that great god’s blessing and for your prayer. You have understood by seeing the above title that, today I will show you “Some question answers for online income”.

Those who want to income in online, but some questions have created in their mind, by which great danger is making with this sector. I will give them some answers of common questions. And I will try to give answers by relating real fact, how much I can.

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#1. What you need to do work in online?

Answer: Recently you need a laptop/desktop. And an internet connection which, if you don’t have then you will be able to launch internet connection through activating hotspot of smartphone if you have a smart phone. And you have to stay patience and hard work definitely. Though you don’t have then in which way that can be done, you have to pay attention on that because except patience and hard work anyone is not able to do in this sector still now.

#2. How to learn, work in online?

Answer: There are many mediums in the present modern era for learning work in online if you have wish then you will get that mediums near to you. The mentionable medium is for learning these works: YouTube, Community Site, technology and freelancer related blogs also you will get this type of group in this Facebook. If there is any success man around you then you will learn basic from him. But if he is new then you don’t need to use this triumph which I think. But from where you learn, no one will make you professional. I will give you just basic concept. So you have to analyse and practice more for basic learning.


#3. How long will it take time to learn, work in online?

Answer: How long will it take time to learn, work in online, it depends on a student because if a student doesn’t learn regular then it will take time more than normal time. And if he learns regularly and can understand these works, then it needs time 6 months for learning basic work of any category. You have to analyse and practice for ever though you are professional, you have to revise in this sector, which we call in smart language- keep yourself updated.

#4. What is the first work of learning work in online?

Answer: The question is very important because if you mistake to choose work or to learn, work in the online sector in new situation then you will be removed in this sector. Even you can lose the future of your dream career. Many institutions and individual IT experts give the wrong concept willingly or unwillingly in order to achieve their work. Which calls death of people’s dream. I’m expanding my real concept with my logic, after understanding I left to you, see what actual mater is.


There are many IT institutions in India, they offer web design, develop, SEO, data entry and more verities work to learn by noticing on their ability for learning online work. But before learning any work, you have to learn according to its basic/number. If you can’t learn that then your carrier will not be developed. It may say as much as people can but you have come in the world and spending steps one by one you will die-this is natural rule. But if you don’t follow or refuse natural rule, then never it will change, above that you will be destroyed. Because the natural rule is inevitable. I think I’m saying a little bit complicated, ok, I’m giving one easier example. Suppose how to start a child’s education life?

First family education starts from the family, then that child is admitted in a school for institutional education, then he grows more. One child becomes a teenager then youth and then old and in this way a child goes to school, from school to college, from college to university, then some people go outside of country for higher education but institutional education end through work opportunities. But he has to do flowing education. But if wrong step would be taken first in this child’s education life then what will happen? The child will fall. Because never this wrong education can make a career. I’m wanting to target this correct point, those who have understood thanks for them and those who can’t understand, try to understand that. Like that when you started to learn basic that time you were a child. Like a child, you have to learn basic in online, in this way you have to fringe your education life in the form of the child’s education cycle. But most of us take a wrong step in online.

According to them, those come to income by learning that work. But think a little that you will income dollar of currency by sitting in India and you want to see 1 dollar by dividing into Rs.68, how much you have earned, if it could be easy then everybody could income. Then why they can’t, they can’t because there are no regularity in them. There is no circle of education life in them. There are no patience, strength of learning work in them. So they can’t do it. But they don’t understand that if I can learn a work regularly for continuous 6 months by suffering a little bit, then I will not need to learn more work after learning work. Because if once education life is finished then it will not be restarted. Many people can catch this sentence as wrong. So I want to say it clearly. Suppose you passed by, getting golden 5 in S.S.C exam, then will you give this exam again? When you passed that exam that’s why you don’t need to give exam again, like that way if you learned work once then you don’t need to learn more. But you need to practice that.

#5. What kind of works I have to learn to work in online?

Answer: Works are divided into total 4 parts in online. That are given serially. 1. Data Entry 2. S.E.O 3. Graphics Design 4. Web Design and Development. These are normal works category of online. In spite of that there are others work also. You have to learn the basic concept of this work serially. But in our country, there are many exception men like wise men who suggest that if any, category has a better concept about work, then work can be done easily or can be found in online. But I think that’s wrong because I had said that I had given that’s an example elaborately that about the bad effects before learning work if that course don’t get success. First, you have to stay basic concept about all disease to be a doctor if you don’t have that concept, then you will understand the patience’s symptoms and endeavour. After getting a basic concept of disease you will be a doctor of professional category.

Many time you will see you have come into the dental doctor’s chamber with teeth pain, doctor will tell you that your diabetics have no control. Now your question may be- I came to doctor to relieve dental pain and doctor told me my diabetics has no control. How did the doctor come to know that diabetics is the reason of my dental pain? Because they are given a basic concept of each disease. Like that you should do that you need to learn first data entry to income in online. Data entry is called mother of online work.  There are no such online which can be done except data entry. Than SEO, Graphics Design, Web Design and Development. And if you don’t then if you enter in market place then you will understand that this is true. If anyone provide you work, then he finds by whom make this work and highest benefit is found.

Now I will mention among all of you about bitter experience or secret story of working in online:

If you heard my story, then I hope you will understand. When I start to work in online that time I start to work with data entry. I used to do and see that small work first like it is small and rate is low. And it would take time, so much, but how much I used to do, I used to try but one time I saw that I’m getting very less work than previous to work and bid. From then I got disappointed. What is the matter, I bid so much at work, then I don’t get any job? Once I did not get any job for 3 months. I worried very much and bid in every night. My profile had enough creativity and I have given good exam in a massive skill test. And in each work I have given a good work of data entry and attachment of previous work but there has not done anything. There was a previous good rating before the client, but I’m not getting jobs. Later I thought I will not bid on work.

I analysed many things for 1 month continuously including my profile, though there were no problem, but small problem which I saw, I changed all that. One day on Facebook I got to know about one Indian freelancing community group. At the time talking with Sima named woman, possibly she saw my profile and know that I’m a data entry freelancer and said how is going my freelancing work and income? I told her the situation of my freelancing work without giving important to her. I thought that what will understand this woman about freelancing, but at that time she said she is also a freelancer and works in the data entry category and there is no way to understand her because her profile is totally simple and she is also such an educated woman.

After 1 week, I got to know that she is an experienced freelancer, earns a good dollar by freelancing and I got to know more about her. Now let’s back to the main work, she had solved my problems. Being inspired from her again, I bid after 8 months. In this 8 months I have learned basic work of data entry, SEO and graphic design, but I learned web design work in the gap. And after 8 months, getting back and bidding to work I remember, I get work after 9 days. And that work was like that-researching picture in E-commerce site and making data lists inside picture and details. Possibly with in 2 weeks I got 42 dollars by doing this work.

Now I tell you about what was my problem 8 months ago? For which reason I didn’t get work though I bid on work. The reason of that was I used to bid in work with only one work’s basic concept (data entry) and I used to give to the buyer attachment of the same work, in it I did not use to get work. Yes at the beginning I have gotten some works, but that was very low rate and more time-consuming work. There is a word that day and the colour of life change and demand also changes together (but it is copied from Sima madam), like that one time buyer used to give work in the same category when freelancer was less, work used to get if you bid in work. The number of freelancers increased, buyer understood their benefits and they got benefit to take all in one.

I had seen the freelancing profile of Sima madam and she had made profile of data entry like me, but her tricks was very updated and important. She had taught me that there will be not enough if you give only work’s attachment of data entry at the time of bidding by seeing the work in buyer, but you have to give also such work’s attachment to satisfy the buyer that they can understand that if I was given the work of data entry, I also will able to do SEO, graphic design and basic work of web if necessary. And offering to buyer that you can do also his any small work very easily. So buyers are satisfied and give work.

And I have gotten its proof, according to her words and guides and by working that I have solved my problems, like that I have gotten more benefits to get work. No buyer wants that his dollar is wasted for a simple work. He wants to get such a freelancer by whom, satisfaction will be found all kinds of the same work from him. Suppose which work I have gotten, there are two category to understand that work-1. Photo research and 2. Data entry. Those who work data entry only they can’t this work and also those who work graphics they also can’t. Because it is a very simple duet work. Who keeps the basic concept about data entry and graphics, only that person can do this work. But doing this work is very simple. But those who can’t do, they will seem it as complicated. And this buyer will give whom, who can satisfy buyer by showing attachment that he is proficient in this work. I hope I have abled to make you understand.

But though it is sadly but many people don’t want to say this secret. Why there is a problem if they say a little bit about that, if one trick everybody uses then that becomes ineffective very quickly. And the last word is that- if you want to income by doping work in online then you have to keep basic concept about all work. This is true, you accept or don’t accept. I had to say more thing, but I couldn’t for the lack of absence time. I said in so short about the freelancer tragedy occurred in my life and parody of Sima madam. Facebook authority disabled my Facebook ID and parody of madam and me ended. I never want such direct media to contact with her. She also didn’t give any contact willingly. I think it would be better if we are in contact. Because she has helped me very much and had taught many things.

It is enough for today. I hope this article will work for you. Thank you for reading this article. If there is any mistake, then forgive me. If you face any problem, then don’t forget to comment. If you think the article is beneficial then obviously share it.

Thank you all…

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