How to increase the capacity of RAM in Windows


Increase the RAM of the Computer as you wish (With some Screenshots)

Welcome guys! Today, I will show you that how would you increase the RAM of your computer?

At first, click on the Computer Icon and go to the Properties option.

computer properties

Next, click on the “Advanced System Settings”.

advanced system settings

Now, click on the “Advanced” option and then click on the “Settings” option.

Advanced System

Click on the “Advanced” option again, then click on the “Change” option.

RAM Performance

Now, the main work has to be done. Now the remove the tick sign from “automatically manage paging file size“.

virtual memory

Now, click on the “Custom” option and select the “Removable disk” and allocate the amount of RAM in the box.

N.B: You have to empty the removable disk, if you want use your Pen-drive as a RAM.

Thank You!

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