Popular Tablets of 2015 – Top 10 Tablets of 2015


Watch the most popular tablets of the world in the year 2014 – 2015. I’ll tell you about top 10 tablets of the world.

Popular Tablets of 2015

We are developing our technology to make easier the journey of our life. Now the world is in our grasp. Technology manufacturers also want to create suitable devices for people. Such as tablet, mobile, computer and others electronic devices. Tablet or Tab is one of these. And today I’ll tell you about tablets.

Top 10 Tablets of 2015

If you go to market for buying a tab then you will be confused because there are many verities type of tablets, you could not decide that which tab you will buy or which tab you should bring. Tab manufactures designed verities tablets on the basis of our demands. You will get small, large, medium or many sizes of tablets. Some tablets designed for Android OS, some for iOS and some for Windows OS. You can use a tablet as laptop alternative. Now I’ll tell you about world’s top 10 tablets.

World’s TOP 10 Tablets

NVIDIA Shield Tablet: This tablet designed for gamer. If you are a gamer then you can buy this tablet. The price of this tablet is $300. Latest graphics and operating system are perfect for playing game on this tablet.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3: This slim and thin tablet of Microsoft became popular very quickly. The operating system of this 12 inches tablet is Windows 8.1. If you officially want to use Windows laptop or Windows tablet then this tablet will be perfect for you. You can use keyboard on this tablet. Price only $799.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Google Nexus 7 (2013): Google launched Nexus 7 in 2013.  This tablet is popular still now on the market. If you want to buy thin, slim, sexy, and android in low price then Google Nexus 7 will be best for you. Price only $200. You will get minimum 7 hours charge on this tablet according to users’ opinion.

Google Nexus 7

Sony Xperia Z2: Sony Xperia Z2 is slimmer and brighter than first generation tablets. It is a waterproof tablet, you can use it in the rain. You will get 8 PlayStation games and movies free of cost with this tablet of Sony. Price only $500.

Sony Xperia Z2

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (2014): This Amazon’s tablet is very useful for reading book and it is exciting product for entertainment. If you are a prime member of Amazon or if you are existing customer of Amazon then you will get some gifts with this tablet. This is a very beautiful tablet for watching movies, browsing, shopping and it is very light. But you could not download apps from Google Play. You have to download all apps from Amazon store. Price only $379.

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9

Google Nexus 9: Latest tablet with latest Android OS by Google. If you use this tablet, you will get the test of iPad. Android version 5.0 (Lolipop). Nexus 9 is very smooth, fast and Nice Looking. It has sharp screen and nice aluminium designing. The price of this tablet is $400.

Google Nexus 9

Samsung Galaxy Tab S: Tablet by Samsung with latest Android OS. Samsung tabs are very slim and sleek. You will get two models of this tab – one is 8.5 and other is 10.5. Current price: $500 +

Samsung Galaxy Tab S

iPad Mini 2:   It is also a popular tablet even it came few years ago. There are very few differences with iPad Mini. There are only one gold coloured button and a fingerprint option in iPad 3. iPad Mini 2 is a very slim and sexy. It has powerful battery. If you want to buy a good looking tablet then you can choose iPad Mini 2. Price starting from only $299.

iPad Mini 2

iPad Air: It is a tablet of first generation by Apple. iPad Air is very light, fast and powerful tablet. If you want to buy a superfast tablet you I’ll recommend you for purchasing iPad Air. Price starting from only $400.

iPad Air


iPad Air 2: iPad Air 2 is the slimmest and sexy tablet by Apple. This model is super slimmest and super fastest than previous tablet of Apple. You can lock this tablet by touching only home button. Current price: $500

iPad Air 2

Which tablet have you liked?

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