What is Cloud Hosting? Why do you use Cloud Hosting?


After a long time, today I’m writing about web hosting. Today, I’ll tell you about cloud hosting. I think, this an ultimate Cloud Web Hosting Review. Step by step discussion and question and answer about cloud hosting.

Cloud Hosting Review

Cloud Hosting

What type of problems do you face for Hosting?

Site’s Uptime: On the occasion of the year’s anniversary, on 1st September 2015, “Happy Sell Day” was announced by Bruno in before two weeks ago. They had to be the perfect plan. Talking about one of the most important operations, the head operators Sagar Dey said that” Brano always performed on the 32 GB virus affected server which have 16 Processors.   But on the occasion of “Happy Sell Day”, the server memory as an extra caution is doubled and the server was under surveillance 24*7 hours that are not subjected to any kind of hacking and server downtime. To keep the uptime of the site, the server uptime is needed to grow. Otherwise, the site will be down, so that the visitors will not be able to enter on your site.

How do you reduce the loading time in your site?

If your site responses such like that “loading loading loading… ” then any visitor does not want to stay on your site.  If the loading time of the world known E-Commerce site Amazon gets 1 second loss, then Amazon losses millions of money.(Source: Internet)

The site is closed for limited source:

Generally, there is a limitation in the case of using hosting’s bandwidth, germ, CPU. The site will be closed it cross its limit. Suppose that, you will go Basundhara Market, but after going you have seen that the market is closed. Then, further in the next time, you never wish to go to the market. In the same way, you will lose your visitors if your site is closed.

Backup Policy:

Everybody knows that how the backup of any site is important. If your site has not backed up after facing any problem, then all of your work will be finished.

How do you solve these problems?

Server Uptime: So many people feel that additional server and dedicated hosting always keep the site in motion. But the fact is almost like this but you can also keep your site in motion with the cheap cost. Cloud Hosting is here to help you. Through the use of cloud technology your site does not limit to a server. The site is stored in a separate server. If the limitation of using germ and the CPU is over, then automatically extra RAM and bandwidth will be added. So, since the entire process is automatic, then you do not require keeping any one for monitoring the server. So, just keep the server uptime with low expenses.

How do you reduce the site loading time?

The site loading time always depends on good hosting. Select hosting so sincerely. Your site always keeps the light by reducing the using of JavaScript. You can get a much higher speed if you are loading your site from a separate server. E-CAB registered hosting company provides such kind of facilities. You can also CDN service.

The site would be closed due to the Limited resources:

Cloud hosting is here also helping you because automatic resource will be added while required. So, you can be worry-free.

BackUp System: In cloud backup system, your backup files are always kept in a separate server. And if the software is installed on your PC, then the Backup files will automatically be downloaded on your PC.

You can also get a good speed. Many websites use cloud hosting facility.  Their site loading time is only 0.34 second.

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