Now, Run Android Apps with Google Chrome


Yes, now you can run Android Apps with Google Chrome. In my previous tutorial, I showed, how to run Android Apps on Windows PC? Now, Windows PC users will be able to run every Android Apps with their favourite browser Google Chrome. I’ve said “Your favourite browser”. Because, I know you love Google Chrome. Not only you or me, 90% users like Google Chrome. Related article about: the experts recommended web browser for Windows PC users. Let’s come to the main topic…

How to Run Android Apps with Google Chrome?

Run Android Apps with Google Chrome

You can run Android Apps on your PC with Bluestacks and Andy – these are Android apps player for Windows PC users. But, these software make our PC too slow. Because, all these software use too much RAM, processor and the physical memory of the PC. For this reason, I’m going to show you, “How to run Android Apps with Google Chrome Browser in Windows.”


  1. Google Chrome Browser
  2. ARC Welder” extension for Google Chrome

Note: The “ARC Welder” extension can take a few minutes, because the size of this extension is about 100 MB.

ARC Welder

  1. Now, go to “chrome://apps/” from your Google Chrome browser and run the “ARC Welder” application.
  2. Now, this will want a “System” directory, you’ve to select a directory/folder.
  3. Now, your Google Chrome Browser is ready to run Android Apps. You’ve to add an APK/Andorid App, then you’ve to click on “Launch App“.

Done! Run and Enjoy!

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