Why we need balance in phone if we talk free with Android App


We want to get everything very easily and get saved in this technological era. But why the Seam Company of Bangladesh doesn’t decrease rate. So, we have to depend on internet app. But it may not happen always that the man of two sides will be connected together. For that type of situation, there is a wonderful app.

Do you know we don’t need a balance on the phone, because we talk free with Android app.


With which you will talk easily in a very low speed if you stay connected in the net and you have also SMS service. The funny thing is for that the man of other side doesn’t need to stay connected with the internet. It means that just caller needs internet, but the receiver doesn’t need a net. So you don’t worry if you don’t have balance in mobile. Or if you have a net of 2G speed or Wi-Fi connection, then you will carry talking on phone comfortably.

Exclusive Features:

  1. Enjoy clear and crisp calls even on 2G and congested networks.
    2. Free app for non-app calls with daily call credit allocation*
    3. Unlimited free app to app calls and messaging.
    4. Consumes 80% less data than other VoIP apps, so you can maximize your data plan.

Download the link from here.