What is mobile broadband, how does it work? What are 2G, 3G, 3.5G, 4G and 5G networks?


Do you know, how 2G, 3G, 3.5G, 4G, 5G networks work? – You have never seen or read before so much explanation! Know, how a mobile broadband network work.

What is mobile broadband, how does it work?

Mobile Broadband

You love definitely to get the overwhelming speed of broadband. But the biggest problem is, this line is tied with the telephone line of your phone. In another word, when you are on a bus or have traveled on a train or when you are out from your home, then broadband will not help you so much. In this situation what you have to do to get broadband in any situation? Give thanks to today’s improved cell phone network as a result of which where you have wished there it is possible to get mobile broadband, wireless internet access using your mobile. So how does this mobile broadband work? So friends let’s take a look at this subject totally.

How does mobile broadband work?

Mobile broadband mainly works in an easy way, but it is difficult to describe it. So in this article, I will try to give the idea about both normal subject and technical subject. And if you don’t know still now, how does cell phone or internet work, but you can read in details on that.

Broadband in Cell phone network:

The mobile phone is made by getting encourage from the land line. When you talk then a direct connection creates in your phone set or in collar’s phone set- which is well-known as circuit switching. When you talk in land line then your line stays block totally, and you can’t use that in any other work. In this case, the telephone is divided into two parts. You can call through circuit switching in a line which you used to do and another line can exchange computer digital data always and using here packet switching process. You can read my writing internet related article to know the difference between packet switching and circuit switching.

Mobile broadband used to give previous cell phones in circuit switching technology, which was very unskilful process and people used to get very slow speed internet. But later service provider brings improvement in their network technology and starts to use packet switching, as a result of which third generation mobile network or 3G is invented. In 3G data speed was like the slow speed land line broadband line (350KBPS-2MBPS). But engineer improved mobile more with time and made packet switching technology more skilful and made data useful of flowing more.

So “HSDPA” (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access) gets 3G form which was familiar as 3.5G. This mobile network is more 5 times faster than 3G. Anyway, 4G has come in present and in many countries benefits of this technology have started to take. 4G is called Mobile WiMAX or LTE (Long-Term Evolution). It is not the end with 4G, and 5G technology has been improved in present and it is expected that in 2020 we will be able to use that.

How will you use mobile broadband?

You can use mobile broadband in two ways. If you have a new cell phone or smartphone then you can use mobile broadband there very easily, where it is possible to download music, video, chat and email etc. Here mobile network provider charges some particular things for particular quality data or megabyte or gigabyte.

Mobile Internet

Another medium of being online is- using a small Dongle in your laptop – in it where you go but always you can connect with broadband. You have to buy just a mobile (Dongle is small and light weighed modem, which is connected with a USB port of the laptop. There is one software inside it, in this Modem for running on your PC which is installed automatically at that time of connecting in PC and it starts to work.

How much mobile broadband is useful?

Where you go or stay, if you think about using broadband then a perfect way may be for you, and there is no doubt in it. You will get anywhere 3.5G or 4G and will able to use broadband of good speed. Where have no 3.5G or 4G signal there also you will get the minimum 3G signal. In 3G signal internet will run in 350KBPS-2MBPS speed, but after that also it is almost 7 times more high speed than dial-up landline connection. Though these speeds depend on that in which country or in which place you are located.

There are some disadvantages side by side many advantages in mobile broadband, which you may face. This technology works by using cell phone network. So when you will travel in train or bus then your internet may connect or disconnect continuously. In spite of that if the good signal is not found in your location then the network can switch from 3.5G to 3G or from 3G to 2G continuously. In it you can be out from getting regular internet speed.

2G, 3G, 3.5G, 4G, 5G Networks

So now you have known definitely all normal information about mobile broadband. If you want to know about this subjects with explain then your favourite paragraph started from here. Now let’s know about 2G, 3G, 3.5G, 4G and 5G mobile network with their details.

Analogue Cell Phone (1G)

In the 1970s mobile telephone technology had come in the market. That time men used to talk each other using their mobile handset from where they were. Now if everyone calls by using same frequency then there was the possibility of mixing calls of everyone with each other and call was failed. So each call was divided into separate frequency band through which different persons can call using different lines.

1g mobile

And this system used to call- Frequency-Division Multiple Access or FDMA. And in this process, previous phones used to work. The general meaning of FDMA is- in this process men will keep their call separate using separate frequency band for each call. In FDMA phones used to work like a landline and it used to call first generation’s phone or 1G phone.

Digital Cell Phone (2G)

The biggest disadvantage in FDMA technology is- if many people starts to talk together in the same area then there was not possible to supply different band for each people. So engineers discovered another new process, and they brought the total system to digital technology from analog. In this technology, users’ voice sample are taken and the voice has been changed into number code.

2G Moble Phone

In FDMA each call used to send by dividing a different frequency. But engineer invented totally a new process. They brought a process of campaigning a call in a different band for few times by not using different frequency band for each call. One call’s frequency campaigns in the different band for few times, in it, it makes possible to supply many calls together. And this technology is called Time-Division Multiple Access or TDMA. GSM depend each mobile networks use TDMA technology. And this phones is called 2G phone.

High-Speed Digital Cell Phone (3G)

TDMA technology will not be called perfect totally, because if mobile phone users increase in very much speed then call quality will be bad in this technology also and the network will be failed by supplying many calls. So now engineer started to think again that, how to bring more users together under the same system. And now they made which system that’s name is- Code-Division Multiple Access or CDMA. Actually, CDMA is not a new technology totally, it is made with ingredients of FDMA and TDMA.

3G Mobile Phone

In this process, each call is turned into different code and it is left and in this code, all information are given that from where the call is coming or where call is going etc. This system works by using packet switching process which is a useful process for making any connection. Normal CDMA has made another advanced system by becoming involve with another system, which is called Wide Band CDMA or WCDMA. WCDMA is an example of third-generation mobile network or 3G. 3G network is also called UMTS.

Broadband Cell Phone (3.5G)

Normal CDMA is a perfect network for calling, sending SMS. But it is not so perfect for internet access. Anyway, two works are done together in internet access. Like your computer always requests server and takes pages from the server. And each time you upload how many information from the server, you download more information from the server than that.

There are two connections together in the broadband landline of high-speed of your house, you talk with one and you upload and download data always with another. As different line are used for two works so its speed and skill are much more. But don’t worry because HSDPA comes for removing this problem in CDMA which is familiar high-speed mobile broadband. This network has been mainly improved for supplying internet of high speed.

MTS Mobile Broadband 3.5 G

3.5G has been optimized for working in different ways. First name is ADSL-it introduces with a download channel of very high-speed HS-DSCH (High-Speed Downlink Shared Channel), which provides the benefit of downloading data to maximum users in same time together. In spite of this, there are more three important features of HSDPA. They are gradually AMC or Adaptive Modulation and Coding, Fast Base-station Scheduling (BTS), and Fast retransmissions with incremental redundancy. So what are these? Let’s know about these.

  • AMC (adaptive modulation and coding) is such a system, which determines how much strong your phone’s network signal and according to that data flowed. So if you will stay near any cell phone tower then your data speed will increase that much.
  • Fast Base-station Scheduling (BTS) means main station determines that which time and in which way data will be sent to exact which user through it, and in which way if packed is sent then that will be sent very soon.
  • In any packet switching system, some packets are lost at the time of sending packet, in which way some letters are lost at the time of sending letters by post. Anyway, this lost packets need to send very soon- but it, more time can be wasted. In HSDPA lost packets are retransmissed very soon, in it, no need to wait for lost packets.

Anyway, it is possible with all these features together of supplying more data to more users in very high speed. And as this technology is more advanced than 3G that’s why it is called 3.5G.

High-Speed Broadband Cell Phone (4G)

HSDPA is able to supply already 24–42 Mbps, but the latest 4G technology is committed to supply 50Mbps–100Mbps data. So 4G is 10-50 times much faster than 4G. But using of which technology 4G has improved than 3.5G or 3G? There are many matters which has helped to improve 4G so much, in it mentionable is-changing CDMA, it has been brought in Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access (OFDMA). Which is more efficient technology and it can make better frequency spectrum.

Reliance Gio 4G Internet Speed (INDIA)

Reliance Gio 4G Internet Speed (INDIA)

In this technology, each signal is sent in a different bit and different code by dividing it and it has been sent by using different frequency definitely. It can send and receive packets in very much speed. And as a result of this improved technology, it has been made the world’s most advanced network technology.

Also read, the difference between 3G & 4G Network.

The Next Generation (5G)

Of course we will not stay whole life with 4G. Cell phone manufactured companies have come each year new change in their new smartphones.  For which we need to improve network technology to get the good and more advanced download speed and internet service. The main aim of 5G technology is- collecting excessive users and internet of things through wireless technology.

5G Network Internet Speed

There is no doubt that 5G will be more efficient and more speed than 4G or 3G. For improving this technology more its wavelength of the radio signal will be decreased and frequency will be increased many times. In present which radio frequency is used in radar and military, that frequency will be used in 5G. In this situation actually, 5G will work in which way that is difficult to say exactly because still now it is not possible to know much information of this technology. When I will able to know, I will add that here.

I’m hoping that friends you have known from total root to advance level about mobile broadband and several network technology and cleared that, how does it work and how to improve than each other. I’m hoping that today’s all information was very important to you. Comment me definitely for publishing your any opinion and share this tune definitely. Don’t forget to give credit at the time of sharing on your blog or website.

Thank you.

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