There are 15 tough questions and theirs answer in Viva Board


A successful interview is an essential section for success in life of a job candidate. So, the candidate should be take caution of some matter during viva, for which from all side viva gets success.

Let’s know 15 tough question and theirs answer in Viva Board.


You have to give the solution of raising a question of the asker by keeping yourself restrained as much as possible in the balanced way. You have to expose yourself fluently. Success or failure of the candidate is determined with entering, sitting, existing and candidate’s behaviour at the time of answering and conversation in viva board. Artist of drama practice month after month for only presenting drama one day in front of the audience. How much or how perfect is your preparation for presenting yourself in front of the employer as a job candidate? Here I uploaded 15 tough questions and their answers in the viva board.

# Some important issues are highlighted in viva board which is very important for the success of a job candidate:

#1. By taking permission to enter into the room, you have to greet them. If examiner tell you to sit then you will sit or if they not then you have to sit by taking their permission of waiting some minutes. Without permission you can’t sit. You have to say thanks at the time of sitting. Sit straight, don’t sit like raising one leg on other or don’t keep your leg crosswise. You can’t keep both hands on the table. Those who will take viva, look at them straight, don’t look at below or corner of room or roof.

#2. Reveal yourself clearly. Deal with the situation with determination.

#3. Don’t forget at others at the time of answering of an asker’s question. Try to give the concept to examiners very generously about your intelligence, good knowledge.

#4. At first you hear question with attention and try to understand that. If you can’t understand that question on the first time, then ask once again that question very politely.

#5. At the time of answering articulate each word clearly so everybody can hear and keep in mind that your confidence is reflected with the answer. Give answer by not wasting time. If you don’t know that answer then tell them that “Sorry, I don’t know it” quickly by not wasting time. You have to give the answer by not turning here and there disorderly. You have to establish statements with your arguments.

#6. Don’t keep uneasiness in your behaviour. Don’t be so serious. Keep the smile on your face. Those who are taking viva (if you have wish to job in that institution), you will not involve in the debate with them mistakenly. Before replying against employer tell politely- forgive me or please don’t mind. You should not give answer harshly. Even if they ask you like that, you can’t give answer them like that. Give answer normally.

#7. Keep aware very well about bad behaviour. You should not do- stroking hand on the moustache, fixing hair, scratching nose, fixing tie, and sounding with throat or fixing the dress. Don’t forward your hand for the handshake before them. If they forward their hand to shake hands then you do also like that.

#8. You will not give an answer by getting emotional. You have to remember at the time of answering that you don’t use any words about any person, group, race, religion or any kind of derogatory or offensive state of things.

#9. Give your introduction with honesty by not showing any pretence and not taking of cheating about any information.

#10. Present yourself attractively. Like efficient seller of goods do. Like:

  • What qualities will employer find in you?
  • Why you are different from others as the candidate from the side of qualities and value and how the employer will get profit if you are taken.
  • How much you can be incredible for the prosper of the institution.
  • If you have any subject of success like mentionable then say it politely.

At last thanks to all of you.

I hope it will work it.