Learn Android. Remotely Control android by both in Online and Offline.


Today, my post is: Learn Android. Remotely Control android by both in Online and Offline. It is a service Google. At the device manger site of Google, you will see remotely lock of Android phones, ring playing, to do reset of your phone  and the phone’s location can be seen in Google Map and measured from outside, and I do not know if there’s anything.

How to activate the device manager to do?

  1. The mobile Internet must be activated.
  2. A Google ID must be logged in phone. 
  3. The device manager on your phone must be on.
  4. The location service of your phone must be on. (If you are not on for seeing the Locations, then, locations can not be seen, but others can be done.)

Now come to the work:

At first, we select the phone number which we will track, then, we visit http://www.google.com/android/devicemanager site by logging  through others android phone or computer.

The Device Manager, in Which We do that:


You will be locked by your any desired password.


You can play ring.


Can be reset.


In which area your phone has, you can watch it. If the phone keeps online, then, this system may be useful for that. I have given a screenshot.


What is Android Mobile Anti Theft?

It is a default offline security system feature of Android Phone. This system is very useful when you have lost your phone or have stolen your phone. This feature is not available on all phones.  This system is known to many people, But this article is for those who do not know about this kind of feature.


At first, you will have to go in your mobile’s setting-> security-> mobile anti theft. Then, you provide your desired password. You always will note down your password and don’t forget it. Then, an option will come in where you give your desired phone number. Then, give one or two numbers. 

Anti theft 1

Anti theft 2

There are so many third-party app are available in playstore in where you will find so many other features. For example: Lostphone app. In this Lostphone app, you will find so many features. By this app, you will able to sent popup message.  And, this remote option is available in so many anti-virus.

Keep copies all of your contact numbers in Google.

Because, if your SIM has lost or if you do not find your SIM, then you would not lose your numbers. If your contact numbers are saved in Google, then all of your contact numbers will come forward in front of your eyes if you log in with another Android phone. Let’s watch how it can be done:

Please go in your contact numbers of your phone: 


Then, you will go Import or export option:


The, from “copy contacts from” option, you select your SIM and click on ‘Next” button.


Then, select your email and go “next” button.


Then, “contact list” will come and click on “select on” option and click on “Ok” option.


Then, copy will begin. After copying, “copy contact successfully” option will show in front of your eyes.    

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