Latest technologies to use in a smart bathroom


As we’re moving toward some futuristic and perhaps, at some point in the past, inconceivable home design concepts, we realize that many features of smart home designs are already widely available and affordable. Usually, when we think about the concept of a smart home, we don’t think about the bathroom. And it’s a room we use every day. Let’s face it, smart tech in our bathroom adds to overall comfort, efficiency, health and convenience. One of the best things you do with your bathroom is to create a spa oasis for you to enjoy after a long, hard day. You can learn more about how to pamper yourself with some spa-inspired bathroom amenities. But be careful, you might not want to leave your bathroom then!

Smart Bathroom
smart bathroom

1.   Digital taps

The new, smart bathroom designs aim not only to be tech-savvy but also eco-savvy. For that reason, digital taps are a good alternative that conserves both water and energy. A digital faucet is characterized by a reduced water flow and controlled temperature settings. So, it saves money and water at the same time. As many things nowadays, it is also touchless and incorporates an infrared tap technology that can identify the user and turn off the water when no hands are detected. Many of them also come with programmable features and timers.

2.   Toilets of the future a.k.a. high-tech toilets

Besides the digital taps, technology has also brought us high-tech toilets. Now you’re wondering what that means. How can a toilet be high-tech? Well, simply with these convenient features that have revolutionized the whole concept of using a bathroom. For beginners, these new, modern toilets don’t require the use of hands or paper as they have some handy features built-in. These features include temperature-controlled water, spritzing devices and automatic dryers. All of this is made even better with a bidet toilet seat, which can warm it up for you. Also, these high-tech toilets usually can clean themselves, which is a bonus. And, let’s not forget the motion sensors which lift and lower the toilet lid.

3.   Futuristic tubs

Moving on to bathing and the notion of futuristic tubs. Lately, a new version of soaking tubs has gained popularity. These spa-like tubs usually come with no shower hand, and they are stand-alone. They are characterized by massaging jets, which provide us with bubbles, reminding us of hot springs. Moreover, what people enjoy about these is chromotherapy – which is mood-enhancing lighting. Besides these contemporary features, baths come in many shapes and sizes as well as materials. On the other hand, new tech-showers are also widely popular among generation Y. So, choose your bathing style, or if you can’t choose, opt for both.

4.   Other nifty features

Other nifty bathroom features include a waterproof TV and Bluetooth speakers. In this way, you can catch up on the daily news, listen to some music and perhaps even watch a movie. Next, under-counter refrigerators can store some organic cosmetic products and medicine. Also, it keeps them at optimal temperature. Moreover, smart mirrors are quite convenient as they can control light, see the weather forecast for the day and get some updates on the daily news. And get this – one of the niftiest things ever – no more steamed mirrors with the smart mirror! You can install a LED mirror with a demister and forget all about the steamed mirror. And with the help of a robot mop, your bathroom can clean itself.

Bathroom Design
Bathroom Design

5.   Smart spa amenities

As for the smart spa amenities, you can think of heated floors and heated drawers, which make your towel warm and ready for you to wrap around yourself. Getting smart oil diffusers is going to make you feel like you’re in a spa. They have a plethora of health benefits, and their new designs blend perfectly in your bathroom design.

When you see all of these smart features, you realize that the future is here. Everything that was once hard to imagine is now here and available for regular people. So, get ready for some enjoyment with this new smart bathroom concept.

Alison Pearson is an interior design student. She is a content creator, but her ultimate passion is design and creation. She is also a bibliophile and her favourite book is "The Sound and the Fury" by William Faulkner. .