How to Pamper Yourself with These Spa-inspired Bathroom Amenities


The bathroom is a room like no other; you don’t spend as much time as in the living room there but the experience must be extremely relaxing and pleasuring. No, we are not only referring to warm bubble baths with scented salts but the overall feeling of coziness. Ideally, all the amenities in the bathroom should have a single purpose: to pamper yourself.

Combining old and new

If you want the bathroom to be opulent, it is not necessary to spend thousands of dollars. All you need is a couple of interior design tricks to make the bathroom appear luxurious. One trick is to combine elements of rustic design with modern elements.

You can install vintage floorboards (impregnated against water damage, of course) with a stone or marble vanity unit. The contrast would also be one of the colors. The dark floor against light fixtures will be the ideal setting for relaxing your mind.

Opening the bathroom to the outside

The biggest drawback of the modern water room is not so much the fact that they are cramped (especially in apartment buildings) but that they lack access to natural light. That’s why you should use the advantage of having a bathroom near an exterior wall and a view past it.

A glass wall with sliding windows is the ideal setting for pampering yourself. Just keep in mind that this design solution is intended for country homes or higher floors of apartment buildings, as privacy is an issue if an entire wall is transparent (shades are mandatory).

Turn the bathroom into a Turkish bath/sauna

How many times have you searched online for a sauna or a Turkish bath in your area? In reality, you needn’t spend money on spa treatments when you can build your very own sauna! Namely, a Hammam-styled bathroom is easier to build than you might think: a conventional Jacuzzi is enough to turn the water room into a steam room.

The rest of the bathroom, mainly the walls, can be decorated in with Islamic and Byzantine design elements to resemble an oriental spa center. You can complete this exotic décor by placing mirrors, flower patterns on the floor, and placing perfume bottles and ornate soap boxes around the bathroom.

Bidets are associated with luxury

Another bathroom fixture widely used in the East (predominantly in Japan and the Middle East) are bidets. Westerners still aren’t used to these wellness amenities but if pampering yourself is the reason behind redesigning your bathroom, then you simply must include a bidet in the revamped bathroom.

Modern bidets come with a myriad of functions from a seat warmer, all the way to smart toilet seats as made by Bidets Online which are easy to install on a conventional toilet bowl. In this sense, installing a bidet is more affordable than replacing the entire bowl. Air dryers, LED lights inside the bidet, and the ability to regulate the direction and the warmth of the water nozzles are additional reasons to pamper yourself with a brand new bidet.

A towel warmer is a must

There is hardly a more pleasing feeling than leave the shower or exiting bathtub to wrap yourself in a warm towel. This feeling is more pleasing in winter when the temperature outside is uncomfortably cold. The reason why you are able to snugly sink into a large warm tower is a wall-mounted towel warmer. It is usually positioned behind the bathroom door where it takes up the least amount of space. Al you need to do is to hang the towel from it and enter the shower or a bathtub.

Warm feet

In wintertime, the most important thing is to stay warm. Even if the heating in the rest of the house isn’t that strong, the bathroom should be an oasis of warmth. The best way to achieve this is to install underfloor heating. The installation process is fairly simple, so you can even do it yourself if you have basic engineering skills. The biggest benefit of a warm floor is the ability to walk barefoot (and you won’t slip on a bath mat).

A green bathroom

The final touch to your spruced up bathroom should be the placement of flower pots. A green bathroom will help you calm down easily since the color green has a pacifying effect on our psyche. You don’t have to create a jungle, as a houseplant or two is enough to help you relax and feel as if you were taking a bath in the wilderness. The plants can be placed on a stool or you can adorn the windowsill with flower pots.

Turning the bathroom into a spa isn’t that difficult if you keep thinking about the main goal of the refurbishment: a bathroom full of amenities. Once the floor starts to radiate, warm jets of water touch your lower back, and fragrant odors fill the bathroom, you will be thankful you decide to redo the bathroom to pamper yourself.