How to download TikTok from India


Hay friends welcome to – In this article, I will tell you How to download TikTok from India. At this time Tiktok has 12 M users in India but after the judgment of Madras high court, TikTok App has been Ban In India. Some new users try to download the TikTok from the play store, but the play store has been removed.

How to download TikTok from India

All of you know that TkiTok Ban in India, At this time cannot download TikTok form India, because Google Play Store and App Store have blocked it. TikTok has 12 Million users in India, After the order of the Madras high court, TikTok app has been removed from google play store and app store. That means new users will no longer be able to download it from India.

You can’t download TikTok from play store, it is not that this app has stopped working and you will not be able to use it.

In This Article, we are going to tell you some tips and tricks to download TikTok from India. If you follow these steps You are able to download TikTok App from India.

how to download tiktok from india

Download TikTok from India

Follow these steps given billow to download TikTok App from India

#1 Download the TikTok from Google Play Store in India

  • First of all, download and install a Free Vpn on your mobile, many Free VPN is available in the play store like Turbo VPN, Super Vpn, Yoga VPN.
  • After downloading the VPN select your country USA and connect.
  • After connecting the VPN go to the Google play store and search TikTok
  • Now you will Download TikTok app Through Play store.

If you don’t have to see Tiktok app On your search result then click this link and download the App.

#2 Download TikTok App Using PC

  • Open chrome and search APK Downloader Extension on your PC and Click on Add to Chrome Button. You can also download APK Downloader Through this link.


APK Downloader

  • After the downloading APK Downloader Extension click on APK Downloader Icon and then click on APK Downloader.

How to Download TikTok App

  • Copy and Pest This URL and Click on Generate Download Link-

Now You can Download TikTok by clicking on Download APK also you can scan the barcode and Download the app.

how to download tiktok from India

You can Download Tiktok App By Clicking on Direct Download Link or Scanning the QR Code


Direct Download Link