Keyboard Shortcuts of VLC Media Player


Hello friends, how are you? Today I will share about top 20 Keyboard Shortcuts of VLC Media Player. This Player is very essential of our life. If anytime you have seen that your Mouse is damage that time Shortcut key is very important. If you don’t have VLC media player then you can download VLC media player from here.

Keyboard Shortcuts of VLC Media Player

Keyboard Shortcuts of VLC Media Player

Shortcuts of VLC Media Player are below:

Play or pause Space bar
Full screen F
Change the aspect ratio A
Zoom Mode Z
Fast forward slow Alt+Left / Alt+Right
Fast forward Medium Ctrl+Left/ Ctrl+Right
Fast forward long Ctrl+Alt+Left/ Ctrl=Alt+Right
Increase the volume Ctrl+Up
Decrease the volume Ctrl+Down
Mute M
Adjust Audio/Video Effects Ctrl+E
time Showing T
Faster Playing +
Slow Playing
Previous P
Next Play N
Stop the Playback S
Hide/Unhide controlling Ctrl+H


So friends try the shortcut keys in your VLC Media Player.

Thank You.

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