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Icon pack for Android. Customize your android phone make it more beautiful with icon pack. All icons packs only for android users. Change your default launcher or change your old launcher and customize your phone to make it more beautiful. Old launchers with new looks and new features.

Icon pack for Android

Devo Icon Pack

Give a new look with Devo Icon pack. You can use these icons pack. There’s more to do with Wall Paper Pack.

devo icon pack

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Black and Cyan – Icon Pack

light black icon pack

Black and light cyan color border of this icon pack, you can use it.

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GEL – Icon Pack

kitkat icon pack for android

The user interface of this icon pack like Kitkat version of Android.

Blackout Icon Pack

blackout icon pack

Royal icon pack for black colored phone.

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Sticker icon pack

sticker icon pack

Create curve icon with Sticker icon pack.

Bonus (Launcher)

Please user ADW EX Launcher with this icon pack. (Recommended)

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