How to Lock any Android Phone with Fingerprint [100% Working Method]


Give fingerprint lock in every Android mobile and it works 1000%. Now-a-days there is a system of fingerprint locking in many android mobiles of price eight or nine thousand. But why don’t you give fingerprint lock in your old modeled mobile or in many costly SmartPhone. Let me show you today that you may able to give fingerprint lock in any Android Smartphones.

To Lock your Smartphone with Fingerprint this Let you have to follow the steps below

Step 1: Download an app from play stores. The name of the app is “ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner“. You may also read, how to download apps from play store on PC?

ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner

Step 2: After finishing download open it. Before giving fingerprint give a pin password.

Before giving fingerprint give a pin password

Step 3: After that, a picture comes to select which finger you like to give fingerprint lock.

Finger Placement
Finger Placement

Select the finger according to your choice. After selecting the finger the camera turns on automatically.

Scan your finger with camera

Step 4: Now your selected finger is started to scan. It scans your finger for seven times. If it scanned accurately for seven times then your fingerprint lock becomes successful. If you have any problem to understand me then no problem I am giving the video for you, watch it.

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