How to register a premium domain for free? (Only .Science domain for Free)


Hi friends, now register a premium domain for free. This offer is valid for a limited period. Get .science premium domain name free for one year.

How to register a premium domain for free?

Few days ago I’ve shown you, how to register a free .tk domain name? If you have not read this tutorial, please read and register a free .tk domain name. Now I’m going to share another process of free premium domain registration. You will get free .science premium domain name for one year. Actual price of this domain is £ 1.31 or $ 1.95 or Rs. 121.84 for first year. But I’ll show you how to register .science domain for free.

Follow the steps below to register .science domain name for free.

Step 1: At first visit at

Step 2: Search your domain name.

Step 3: Choose your domain and click on Checkout button.

Step 4: Now type “ForScience” in coupon code box and apply it.

register a free premium domain name

Step 5: Now create an account for registering .science domain name for free.

Step 6: Now click on “Confirm” button. Enjoy! You have got your favourite domain.

Note: Check your email for more details about your domain. Remember domain free for only one year.

Premium domains are not applicable for this offer.

Watch the video tutorial

Thank you.

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