How to Access PC’s Files with Android Smartphones


How do you play all the games, movie, and songs on your Android SmartPhones from your computer? Yes, you can Play your favorite PC games on your tablet, smartphone or TV!

First of all the required Software:

  1. Remotr software for your Windows PC.
  2. Remotr app is for your Android Smartphone.

This app available for Windows, MAC and Linux PC users. And available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Here is the official download link.

The steps which you have to do it describing in below:

Step 1: First of all, you go to the Play Store and search for the Remotr app or download from this link (You may also read, how to download Android App on PC from Playstore). After downloading the app, you install this app and open it.

Step 2: Then, you will go to the “Create button” and a script will be written just like that a software that you have to download for your computer.

Step 3: Now, you go to your Windows and after downloading, you install this software. Now, open the software and will watch that for login, you have to give your account name, but you have no account. So, for creating an account, you have to click on the “Create Account” option. You give all the things that it wants to know from you. Now, click on the “Create” button. Oks, finally, you create the account.

Step 4: Now, close the software. Now, go to the Android Setting option and click on the Hotspot tethering option and then “Turn On” the hotspot option of your phone. Now, your computer will get the signal like Wi-Fi, then connect it.

Step 5: Now, open your mobile app and login with your account which you created. And then you will get the network. Now, you can access everything of your computer from shutting down the computer.

Thank You!

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