Travelling for a meeting, visiting a site for a project or resting on a coach, you can use Microsoft Dynamics solutions from literally anywhere!


Microsoft Dynamics family is expanding its wings by introducing more and more solutions that fall under the Dynamics line of solutions. The main intent of Microsoft is to help the business run in a more streamlined and simplified manner. Be it the Customer Relationship Management tool or the Enterprise Resource Planning solution offered by Microsoft, every offering of the Dynamics family is highly advanced.

However, the latest of all of them is the Microsoft Dynamics 365. Well, Dynamics 365 is not a single solution, it has several versions and one of the version includes even the ERP solution (which was previously offered as a separate solution by the name of Dynamics AX). The Dynamics suite of tools are upgraded to perfection and have all the right features to help the companies manage their operations.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics solutions

The biggest advantage of using a Dynamics solution is that they can be accessed from any device. Be it your workstation or phone, you can easily use the features of Dynamics CRM or even Dynamics AX (the ERP solution). Even the interface of Dynamics 365 is similar. This is the new feature of the latest Dynamics version, the Dynamics 365. The Unified User Interface offers a seamless and similar experience to all the Dynamics 365 users, irrespective of the platform on which they are using the solution. A unified user interface enhances the performance of the employees and makes it easy for them to operate the same software on different platforms.

CRM Solution: Let’s talk about the CRM solution in detail. Though, there are a host of customer relationship management software’s in the market. But for those who are already familiar with Microsoft’s variety of business solutions, the company’s all-in-one bundle of applications named as Dynamics 365 could be the perfect tool for every type of organization. It is developed to manage to handle all aspects of a running firm from a CRM point of view.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Just like Microsoft’s Office 365, Dynamics 365 is also a software as a service app which you pay a monthly payment for, and you can use it via the web browser. It shares data between a plenty of apps and this enables a seamless movement via the programs along with easy sharing with other users. Dynamics 365 contains a plenty of other programs including Microsoft Office 365 as well, and both of these fall under one of the best Dynamics comprehensive package, which is available in the market as Microsoft 365 Business.

As we know that Microsoft Dynamics CRM also plays a major role in the organization’s marketing and customer service. The marketers can use the stats which are generated by CRM to make important decisions on materials and campaigns. They can even track the results of their campaigns and plans using Dynamics 365. Customer service executives use the CRM tool to look up important data about a customer at the time of answering their queries. Dynamic 365’s customer service interface enables the professionals to speedily pull up all the required data like customer history, current issues and past interactions. This helps them to offer a quality care to the customer. Also, the customer service managers can use the report generation feature to not only review but also enhance the team’s performance.

Microsoft Dynamics 365
Microsoft Dynamics 365

The most significant aspect is that data recorded from any of the departments, like the customer support, can also be shared with the other teams, such as the marketing or the sales team. This data-sharing helps to assist other employees in the company but eventually enhance customer retention. Dynamics 365 enables the organizations to customize how data is assembled and exhibited, with graphs as well as other visual representations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a solid suite of solutions that can help a company to organize and run the business, with dedicated apps to handle almost every aspect of the business. Even the Business Edition, is a fantastic CRM program along with the operations tracker. But, the biggest step that Microsoft has taken is by integrating the functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics AX into Dynamics 365. It has certainly added more value to the latest Dynamics solution.

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