The Best and Free Screen Recorder for Windows


Are you looking for free screen recorder? Or Do you want to record your computer’s screen? Or Are you looking for Video tutorial maker for Windows PC? If yes, then this screen recording software for you. If my previous article, I shared “Top 5 Computer Screen Recording Software” for Windows, you can download any one among the software list. But, You have to buy the full version software for accessing the full features of these software. Otherwise, you can clone these software or you can crack these software or you can use illegal serial key. But, if you want to use legally, you have to buy these software or you have to use the free version.

Free Screen Recorder for Windows

The name of this software is “aTube Catcher“. You can record your computer’s screen easily in HD format with this screen recording software.

Free Screen Recording Software for Windows (aTube Catcher)

free screen recorder for windows

It is not only a screen recorder. It has lots of features. With this software,

  1. You can download any video from any site.
  2. With it’s stream catcher function, you can record any live video.
  3. It records the computer’s screen and save the video file in HD format.
  4. You can convert any video to other formats.
  5. You can join video files.
  6. You can burn DVD/Blueray/CD with this.
  7. It has also awesome audio recording features, so you can record audio in mp3 format or other formats.
  8. It is 100% free, no serial key requires because it is freeware.

Download this free screen recording software from this link (Size: 15 MB)

Watch the overview of “aTube Catcher”

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