How to block Advertisements on Android Smartphone?


Is your Android smartphone full of Advertisements? Now, you will not find any Advertisements. Besides, 1 byte does not cost. (Root does not require).

How are you?  I am fine. Today, I am presenting you another article. Hopefully, all of you like it.

Are you feeling crazy about advertisements? Now, the advertisements will not come. Excessive 1 byte data will not cost without your permission. (Root does not require)

We are using various apps in our android phones. In many cases, we watch that there are so many advertisements in these apps. And there are so many advertisements in the internet. So, I have come to solve this problem.

I have watched by searching that there are so many apps for the users, then what will be the condition of the unroot users? After searching, I have come a solution for the unroot users. Hopefully, all of you will get a solution.


The solution is: Adguard Premium is a paid app. After installing it, you will totally free from the advertisements. Moreover, the Firewall is in this, so no byte will cost without your permission.

adblocker for android

So, why don’t you late? Download this app from the below link:

App Name: Adguard Premium

Version: 2.1 [Latest/Last Update]

Download Link

Install it on your Android Smartphone and get rid from  the advertisements. Enjoy the ad free browsing.

Thank you!

Biswajit Das
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