How hackers hack a computer? (Consciousness vs. Cyber Crime)


You may compare a hacker with a good actor. All of you know the superstar Shah Rukh Khan and all of you watch his movies.

Sometime, Shah Rukh becomes a thief, or sometime becomes a robber, or sometime becomes a good personality, or sometime becomes a good teacher, or sometime becomes a good student in his movies.

In the same way, a hacker may pretend himself as a businessman, or as a teacher, or as an industrialist, or as a pro-people.

The main of object of hacking is to earn money. For money, they may be from the farmer to the industrialist in front of you. They pretend themselves in front of you. Their main aim is to earn money by giving enjoyment to the people.

Their main aim is to steal the secret information. After stealing from you, then they take a decision that what kind of action would attack you?


When the hacker is a  teacher:

Hackers may pretend themselves a teacher and may assure you to make you God by providing knowledge. Then, he or she provides many teaching materials to their targeted victims. They provide rare software as a free service. They give various links to visit on that particular site. Actually, by working these, they steal the password of victims. Hackers add their malware with their selling kits.

When the hacker is a industrialist:

The hackers pretend themselves as an industrialist and make a temptation of good job to the victims. They request you to submit your bio-data.

When the hacker is a businessman:

Hackers have sent their mails by pretending a business man. The form of their mail may be: you have won the lottery of our company or the product which you want to purchase products that have been paid for his payment. You send your personal address and personal information. In between some days, our product will be sent to your own address.

Moreover, the statement from bank account has sent to your address. You may lose all of your information by trapping in their policy.

When the hacker is a beautiful Lady:

The main aim of the beautiful lady hackers is that they may steal your important information by pretending a friendship relation with you.

In this case, they may send a mail to you. She may be a widow lady, there is a lot of money in her bank account, but she can’t withdraw it, in that case, she needs your help. Or a beautiful lady who has left from her house, there is a lot of money in her bank account, but there is not possible to withdraw it and it is only possible to transfer money from bank to bank. Moreover, there are so many mails have come to the Muslim country from non-Muslim country and vice-versa.

hacker security

Public Awareness:

Suppose you are thinking that you are not Barack Obama or not a son of Barack Obama, then what is the profit of the hackers by hacking you or by stealing the information of yours’?

Of course, there is a profit.

  • Suppose that, I am a criminal. I have left a bad comment by using your email or have threatened someone to kill. Now, you primarily think that whom the police will arrest?
  • By stealing I may release the information of yours’.
  • I may blackmail you by stealing your personal documents or personal images from a smart phone or computer.
  • By using a strong password I may lock your web or smart phone or email. Then for unlocking it, I may demand money from you.
  • If I get one or 2 passwords from you then I will understand that how may be the password of you. By getting opportunity I may blackmail you.
  • If I collect your password and if I do not get any secret information from you then for the next time if get any secret information, then I may blackmail you.

They harm so many people by executing so many techniques. So, be careful. Need your consciousness.

Thank you!

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