Have you not wasted your Wi-Fi router? See and learn how to take care of Wi-Fi router!


How are you? I hope all of you are fine. I’m also fine for your blessings. Today I will share with you how to take care of WI-Fi RouterWi-Fi device is a common device for all. Many people have used costly router, or many people have used less valuable router.

But many people use costly router, that’s why they neglect less valuable router.

Price is high because the Wi-Fi router range is more, you will not wonder to give signal your neighbour.

As a result, less range Wi-Fi router is good, if you use this at home, then you can take an antenna.

But many people blame Chinese if their router are wasted in a few days, this work is not right.

How To Use And Take Care Of a Wi-Fi Router? 


Which device has priced 45 thousand rupees in India, that device Chinese has brought in 1 thousand rupees in the market. And if you use this router carefully then you can use it also long days.

The biggest problem is about speed.

To get increase speed, you have to find the perfect location, where will be a router.

perfect location

Some Tips To Take Care Of a Wi-Fi Router:

#1. Don’t keep router below. At least it is better to keep the router above 5-7 fit. Like above of cupboard. Give there connection with multiplug and calling service provider, make wire long.


#2. Most of the cases, the location is above of the house or office. So if it is office then you can keep the router in first floor and if you stay in second floor then you can keep in first floor. It means no need to keep in plain or basement.

#3. Don’t keep router in the corner of the house, in it, half signal will go outside, keep the router middle place of the house.

#4. Don’t keep router beside TV, VCD, or other magnetic materials, in it, the signal can be disrupted.

#5. Don’t keep router beside the cordless device or microwave oven.

#6. Keep router in open place not middle of the cabinet or cupboard.

#7. Wi-Fi signal can’t go through water, so you have understood. Goldfish doesn’t use the net.

#8. Which apps use more bandwidth, use that as pick hour, in it, other device will get less hurt.

#9. Rebut router regularly and change password.

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