How to give online resource to your family member after your death?


Hey friends, what’s going on. Today I am writing this post to help you to give online resource to your family member after your death.

After we die, our social networking profiles, bank accounts and email passwords are lost to anyone who might need them. If you want to ensure your digital identity is destroyed or passed on appropriately, PassMyWill will send out emails with your passwords.

Online resource

online resource

PassMyWill is a free service that will check in with Facebook and Twitter to see if you’re alive and posting updates, if you don’t appear to be active, it will send you an email to confirm your death, then it sends out emails to everyone on your list if you don’t respond. You can include whatever passwords you like, whether it’s email, Facebook or anything else. It’s not just willfully giving out passwords though, recipients will need a key to unlock them, which you’ll have to give to them before you pass on.

First Step: First, go to this site at type you e-mail and password.

Second Step: Type your Name and your family or friend e-mail address.

Third Step:Then add your encryption key and will message.

Fourth Step:Add your information about social networking profiles, bank accounts and email passwords.

online resourse

Fifth  step: Connect with your social will update you are date are alive?????

Sixth And last step: Click on allow.

How to detect, you’re alive or not?
When you connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts, they will regularly monitor your presence, and when they do not look for anything  they will send you an e-mail  if any  answer does not come to you like they are your online resource s will send people to your Friend’s e-mail address. So be safe.

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