Download movie, but do you know the difference of DVD Rip, CAM Rip, R5, BD Rip, and PDVD Rip?


Each of us sees movie a little bit or some people have addiction to see a movie all night. Like us who have an addiction, they download movie of several rip from the net. But at the time of download everybody see, there are writing of DVD Rip, CAM Rip, R5, PDVD Rip, BD Rip, TS etc. At the end of movie. Most of us don’t have knowledge about that. So I hope my tune will work for it.

Do you know the difference of DVD Rip, CAM Rip, R5, BD Rip, and PDVD Rip?


We understand to say Movie Ripping, copying movie by breaking protection of any source. Then again encoding file size must be small. It is impossible to get direct movie of 1080 pixels. Only you can get to a torrent site.

#1.  CAM Rip:

When movie releases, then files of this rip releases in internet. It is clear to see that, this is Cam that is- ripping with a camera. Print of cinema hall is CAM Rip, which we say Hall Print. Quality is low of that kind of rip. Screen video can be done by sitting with a powerful camera. Sound is taken by speaker of camera or from a line of speaker. In many cases, screen also shakes because of shaking hands, or if someone walks in front of this camera then that person is also seen. If the place of sitting is not correct, then border on the screen’s all side is cleared at the time of ripping (i.e. Border of the screen of cinema hall).  And many times if you record cinema from sitting on the corner, then cinema is seemed curved. In our sub- continent which cam is ripped, that’s quality is very low. But in Western countries, the screen of cinema hall is clear and being a good talent related to ripping, CAM Rip of there is good quality.

#2. PDVD Rip:

There are difference of opinion about the total meaning of this. Some people said it means Pre DVD Rip, or some person said Pirated DVD Rip. However, no matter what happens, this is related to our Asian content. Pre DVD Rip is called before official releasing of cinema who rips cinema and releases in the internet. And this disk is generally silver disk which is cheap. Which we buy in the market, most of that is PDVD Rip.

#3. DVD Rip:

This is the twin brother of PDVD. It is the same thing. Ripping Xvid/DivX from direct DVD and bringing in encoding format, it releases in the internet. This is the DVD Rip of finally released. In most of the cases  the quality is good.

#4. TV Rip:

TV is one of the mediums of our entertainment at present. There TV card is set in many computers and with that we can watch TV on PC. If the card is advanced then it is possible to record direct from TV. But how will be quality, it depends on how much clear is your TV screen and channel. Ripping from television, which releases in internet that is TV Rip. Mainly movie is not ripped in TV. Any telefilm, drama, etc. Are ripped in TV. In our country use of this is less because the quality is not good of local networks in our country.

#5. BRRip OR BDRip:

You have heard the name of the Blue ray Disk. Price of this disk is more and it gets or not in our country, I will not say about that clearly. Ripping from Blue Disk which releases in internet that’s been BR or BD Rip. The quality of these are so good, it is totally clear to see. We can say it Original Master Print. The Video quality of these are till 720-1080 pixel. The differences were given below between BD Rip and BR Rip:

BD Rip: Through Xvid encoding this is ripped from blue ray disk directly.

BR Rip: Recently it has released in shape of file, from that type of part ripping with the help of newly encoding is called BR Rip.

N.B. BR Rip and BD Rip are better than DVD Rip. But the quality of blue ray disk is 1080 pixels, but which rips we see that’s quality is 720 pixels. So you will not mistake if you say BR Rip or BD Rip have real blue ray quality.

#6. TS Rip:

The total meaning of TS is Tele Sync. It is almost like CAM Rip. But the main difference is- audio supplies from an external source. If the direct sound system is there, then the word of audience could be heard. Or if it is comedy, cinema then it is nothing to be surprised when  the sound of laugh hears. But the happy thing is, you don’t have to be face like that harassment in TS Rip. This rips can be done in an empty cinema hall by advanced camera. The projector is much improved, for this picture quality is good. So it is said, the quality of TS Rip is better than CAM Rip. But quality will depend more on technology. Aspect Ratio of the screen is 4:3.

#7. TC Rip:

The total meaning of TC is Tele Cine. It is not only in our country, almost in all countries, it is totally uncommon. I’m saying the reason after. Cinema copies from a reel of cinema direct in TC rip, then ripping from disk it releases in the internet. Sound quality and picture quality are more advanced. But it is so much uncommon for more cost in this ripping process.

#8. SCR Rip:

Total meaning is Screener. For promotion of many movies, VHS Tape is sent in several shop. The main feature of this, company’s name and text related to copyright float at the starting screen. In most of the cases, all these text float during the whole movie. Form this Tape which rips and releases in the internet, which is mentioned by name of SCR Rip. How will be the value of all this movie, it will depend on encoder and tape. If the instrument is good, then the quality must be good.

#9. DVD SCR:

This is a cousin brother of Screener. The difference is, it rips from DVD instead of VHS Tape. However, there is no gain to be happy, a special type of text floats in it. Yet if text floats in the middle here, then nothing to do.

#10. R5 Rip:

R5 is a special kind of DVD format which releases as religion5. (Source: internet/google). Its birth is from Sabek Soviet Union. Smugglers release R5 Rip (of course they do it till now). The quality of all these are very advanced. It mentions, I downloaded a movie of R5, you can say quality is full HD. (Yet size is 450 mega) mainly, companies used to release the DVD for different format for reaching that place with movie piracy. Many times it is transferred from tele scene direct like DVD without any image editing.

For this when PDVD or DVDSCR release, then this special format release. With this special format PDVD or pirated can’t survive because of quality. From this special quality, our pirate brother rips. *And this rip is R5 Rip. Many times R5 can be released without any English audio track. For this, cutting differently smugglers use audio of releasing an official movie.

 Because there is no scene release standard for pirated R5 releases, they were variably tagged as telecines, DVD Screeners, or even DVD rips. In late 2006, several release groups such as DREAMLiGHT, mVs, and PUKKA began tagging R5 releases with R5″ or r5 line (the line, meaning it has direct English line audio) and suggesting that other groups do the same.

*If internet is like that (Source), i.e. If there is no direct English audio track, then that rip is marked as “Line”.

#11. WorkPrint (WP):

You will not download with this rip. In these rip it releases before releasing cinema. It doesn’t need to say this stolen rip, because industry uses it in their own interest. In this case, many scenes may not stay or sound also. We can compare it with Movie trailer. Now I’m going to answer to the biggest question. The question is that, which will you download? You will choose DVD Rip, BR/BD Rip, and R5 Rip for download. In most of the cases, the quality of these is good. From which site media fire movie is downloaded, many tunes have been done before in TT about that. But they have brought many sites, I’m giving you few good sites. Where most of the movie is good quality and size is also less.

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Thank you so much for reading this tune with a lot of trouble. I hope you have liked it. If there is any mistake information, then that will be corrected definitely. And don’t forget to comment.

Thank you.