Fix This audio format (AC3) is not supported on MX Player Issue Easily


Every Android device users know the name of MX player if MX player shows this problem “This audio format (AC3) is not supported” when you are plying and HD video, you can solve this problem easily. This problem shows on the latest version (1.1.30 and later) of MX player. The current version is 1.7.38. Some people think it is a codec problem but it is not a codec problem.

Fix This audio format (AC3) is not supported on MX Player

This audio format (AC3) is not supported in MX Player

You know MX Player is popular media player of Android. I think you also like to use it. This media player plays HD video smoothly. But you can get the audio problem in the new version if you have got this, no need to install the older version. You can solve this problem easily. Let’s solve it.

The solution of “This audio format (AC3) is not supported” of MX Player (Only for Android Users).

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Now follow the steps to Resolve Audio Format Problem of MX Player Permanently.

Step 1: At first download, all the files for this link and copy these to SD/Memory.

download mx player codac

Step 2: Open MX Player app and go to settings option

audio not supports in MX player

Step 3: Now click on the decoder and then choose Custom codec.

mx player codec problem

audio problem of mx player

Step 4: Now select the downloaded files and make it as default codec.

mx playe custom codec installation

Step 5: You will see the message (“Restarting application on reload codec”) like below, now you have to click on “OK” button.

mx player audio problem solved

Finished! You have solved it. You can restart your phone or device.

Thank you…

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