Few Tips of searching Font Style from Picture


Hi!! How are you? I am fine. Today I am sharing another topic with you guys.

The topic is: Few Tips of Searching Font Style from Picture


The client is saying by watching the picture of the designer that the font style of the article will be the same to same as compared to the original font style. But, the font style is unknown to you.

How do you find the desired font style?

It is easily done.

  1. Firstly, go to this site http://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/ by clicking in browsing, show the location of the desired font style and then click on “Continue” button.

Submit your image here

2.   As an example, I upload the word “Phil”.

3.  Then in the next page, character selection option will come. Here watch this, the characters which are caught by the tools are showing the pictures of those characters in the above and in the below, the characters are written. Here, the tool is only recognized the “P” character. You are suggested to fill up the rest of the characters which are stuck together.

Here something is good to say that the font picture which will upload you always try not to attach the words. If the words are attached to another, then it is very difficult to find out the correct desired font style. See the picture below, the character “P” is separate so the automated tool keeps separate the word “P” and the rest of the three characters which are attached with one another do not show any suggestions.

What the font


4.  Now, in Character Selection Option, press “Continue” button by keeping those characters which are recognized correctly by the tool (P character is just left). You will see your image with respect to the suggestion that showing too many fonts. Here, the first three fonts are not like the photo,  but the number four is precisely matched.

What the font 2

Now, the next work is very easy. The font found it on this site can not grab it free. Please search the name of the font in Google,  and I hope you can find the desired font.

Thank You…