Eleven Addictive Games to Keep you Occupied


Smartphones happened to be one of the best things that happened to humankind after creating sliced bread! Pardon the hyperbole, but isn’t it true! The average individual today spends over 4 hours and 30 minutes on their cellphone every day. Thanks to the pandemic and its ensuing lockdowns, people are glued to their phones in their businesses like online business, works like remote/ freelance jobs, entertainments like Netflix or Unlimited Gamez mo, now more than ever before.

Addictive Games

Addictive Games

From communication to entertainment, education to employment, all of your needs are met by the 8″ glass plane that fits in your hand!

While discussing the merits of a smartphone, one cannot forget the addictive games that help you kill time and keep you occupied in the toughest moments.

Whether you are on the train or sitting at home after work, here is a list of the top mobile games that can keep you occupied and away from the thoughts that you wish to keep away!

Without much ado, let’s jump right into the list!


2048 Game

2048 is a seemingly simple mobile game that comes with a multi-tiered complexity. While one may assume the game revolves around sliding number tiles, in reality, it involves a bit of mental math. You need to consolidate all the tiles to make a total of 2048 by adding like numbers.

It keeps you hooked and the Mathematical brain engaged for the longest time. Since every tile can slide across the screen, getting the right ones next to each other takes a bit of time. The chaotic clutter in the number lines is precisely what adds more fun to this free game available on iOS, Android, and the web too.

80 Days

80 Days Video Game

Where you a fan of the literary classic, Around The World In Eighty Days?

I remember the name of this novel from middle school, then this is just the right game for you. It follows the structure of a text-based strategy that revolves around Phileas Fogg’s unconventional journey around the globe.

You get to strategize the travels and adventures through the infinite options available. Jules Verne’s novel has literally come to life with the best gameplay ever written for strategic games like Unlimited Gamez mo. Since the game expresses an anti-colonial stance and supports an inclusive cast of characters, you can connect with the game and keep playing for a long time.

The game is available for $5 and $6 for iOS and Android, respectively.

Crossy Road

Crossy Road classic arcade game

Crossy Road is the modern twist to a classic arcade game called Frogger. The pixel art graphics for a bald eagle used to prey on you if you took longer than necessary to get the task done. Similarly, cashing on the tried-and-tested formula, Crossy Road continues to win hearts on the phone audience.

You can take your pick from a long list of characters to cross the buzzing highways. It is all a matter of your skills and resilience in this game. Only your reflexes can take you to the finish line as there are no power-ups to help you out!

This fun game is free and available on both Android and iOS.

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle


Dragon Ball Z is a cult classic show, and of course, it has its own game too! Dokkan Battle is on the top of the list of DBZ games and enjoys a highly revered position. A puzzle game at the core, the Battle is all about building the roster to complete a long list of missions.

There are little to no co-op options, hence revolves around a single player. The enthralling graphics keep you stimulated, and the action helps you forget everything else but the game.

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen

Do you remember the old-school dress-up games that you could play on the computer after school?

Love Nikki is just the smarter version of those games. Here, you get to style a fashionista while your own hair is a tangled mess, and you are sporting the same pajamas for the third day!

The game has a simple rom-com storyline that revolves around fashionable get-ups. There are no ads and no money involved in enjoying this mindless entertainment!


Origami video game

Who doesn’t love the calming art of Origami?

Inspired by the Japanese art form, Origami is a paper-folding game that gets progressively challenging once you get the hang of it.

It’s a low-space game that you can choose on the days you want a breather. It is simple, engaging, and peculiarly soothing in its own way. This free game is available on Android and iOS too!

Mini Metro

Mini Metro

Since long commutes have ended during the pandemic, Mini Metro is the virtual equivalent of that experience. The game involves strategy, planning, and presence of mind to connect trains to the right station.

You work on the rail network to make it the best commute for the passengers from your virtual city. The game starts at a simple pace and then continues to flip out of control in no time at all! As the number of stops grows, you tend to lose your calm.

Enjoy this game on iOS and Android!

Spot The Patterns

Spot The Patterns

Spot the Patterns by Unlimited Gamez mo moves your mind into a calm state. It is as simple as its name. You follow visual patterns to identify what went wrong in each slide. The cute graphics and lack of over-stimulation make it a fun choice for the days you want to chill.

The game is easily available on Android and iOS as well!

Two Dots

Two Dots - Mind Refreshing Game

Two Dots is a name that everyone has seen on their social media. The aggressive advertising of the game is enough to get you started! It is an easy game that grows progressively complicated. Revolving around connecting dots, the game becomes an addiction within the first few minutes of playing!

The strategic game is available on iOS and Android!


UNO Card Game

UNO is yet another classic card game that has gone online to become more competitive.

You play in teams where your card decisions are based on your partner’s deck of cards. The game is the same. You need to finish the color-coded cards to finish. But when you think of a partner’s added pressure, you know that the game gets a lot trickier!

UNO can be played with your own family and friends. Just connect your circle on the social tab to get started. Finish your cards and scream UNO!

Word Relax

Word Relax - a game that sharpens your mind

Do you need a game that sharpens your mind like Unlimited Gamez mo provides, then Word Relax is all you need! The game involves puzzles that are solved after unscrambling letters to create as many words as you possibly can. The best feature about this game is that it pays you back for your time!

Download this game on your phone and start brushing your vocabulary to make a few extra bucks for this year’s holiday season.

Word Relax is available on Google Play and the App Store too!

Final Thoughts

Everyone needs a break from their daily routine. Whether it is the scary school hours or an extra shift at work post-pandemic, you need an outlet to maintain the work-life balance!

Start the new routine of addictive games to make sure that you get to relax. Carpe diem, readers!