6 Types Tasks You Can Outsource To A Real Estate Virtual Assistant


Entrepreneurs need an independent mind to take on the various responsibilities in managing their businesses. Real estate agents have many tasks to handy daily and these can become overwhelming. Delegating responsibility to a professional real estate VA allows becoming more productive. Virtual assistants streamline costs while enhancing efficiency and productivity. In the highly competitive market, time management determines the success of any real estate agent. Allocating more time to business functions will have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant
Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Tasks to outsource to a real estate VA

Administrative work

A real estate VA can handle tasks and responsibilities to keep your business organized. Professional VAs are adept at organizing whatever needs to be done. The virtual assistant helps manage email filtering to clean your inbox and let you know emails that require your attention. You need calendar management for proper organization of work to do ahead of time. This encourages better planning while minimizing the risk of missing potential business opportunities.

Virtual assistant
Virtual assistant

Closing deals in the real estate industry is a numbers game. Having more weekly appointments comes with higher chances of landing clients. The professional VA can handle appointment setting and preparation of materials that might have kept you awake all night long. Your VA will handle filing and documentation to keep your business organized and for streamlined processes. It becomes easier to store and retrieve any appropriate document required in various situations.

Marketing and promotion

Maintaining a strong presence in the real estate market requires having an outstanding marketing and promotion strategy. Fortunately, a professional real estate virtual assistant can help you maintain a strong online presence. This is possible through managing your website where customers can learn about you and learn about your services. The VA can handle SEO requirements for your online marketing requirements for your brand to stand out.

Virtual assistant for marketing
Virtual assistant for marketing

You can also get a real estate VA with experience and expertise to manage your digital marketing campaigns. Social media marketing is a wonderful selling point for many businesses and a real estate VA will maximize the social media possibilities on your behalf. The virtual assistant also handles content writing to develop blogs, posts, and articles to generate inbound traffic. Responding to all inquiries is another aspect that allows the VA to promote your business.

Back office support

A professional VA can handle back-office tasks to keep your business running smoothly. The virtual assistant manages effective money management including preparing disbursement schedules, cash flow statements, and income projections. This allows tracking of all business finances.

Virtual assistant for support
Virtual assistant for support

A VA with human resource management skills helps in staff training, recruitment, and selection. Additionally, your VA will handle the management of your website through random audits to ensure all programs and plug-ins are working well.

Generating sales and leads conversion

Your business needs a marketing team to generate leads to your funnel and a sales team to convert them into actual customers. The virtual assistant helps in managing outbound calls with frequent follow-ups to prospects. Your VA will handle email marketing to reach out to prospects and to promote sales conversions. The VA also keeps in touch with loyal customers to promote referrals and leads. This encourages growing your customer base and consequent improvement on your bottom line.

Managing specialty tasks

Managing a real estate business requires handling some specialty tasks that need technical proficiency. Luckily, a virtual assistant helps handle translation requires for your business. A bilingual VA handles customers who speak another language apart from English. Additionally, the virtual assistant handles transcription when you have recorded audios from meetings and other communication. This allows a better understanding of information to determine future decision-making.

Multi tasking virtual assistant
Multi-tasking virtual assistant

Real estate agents should stay updated on market trends. The virtual assistant comes with a strong research background, experience, and knowledge. This allows offering you with updated information to make strategies for your business. Your virtual assistant will assist in designing creative and interactive graphics to use in your marketing campaigns on social media. This will enhance your brand exposure on various social media channels, which has great potential to generate leads likely to become potential customers.

Maintaining contact list 

Building a network is very important in any kind of business. Real estate agents need to maintain a contact list with useful people. These might include potential customers to follow up and friends in the same industry. The virtual assistant helps to keep the contact list updated making it easy to retrieve any contact required to make follow up. This process encourages turning leads into actual customers with consequent improvement on your bottom line.


A virtual assistant is helpful to a real estate agent in various ways. The VA will handle a variety of tasks including administrative, marketing and support, special requirements, contact list, and leads conversion. Managing this is a seamless and cost-effective way to enhance productivity and quality of service delivery in your real estate agency.

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