Advanced Installer is the best choice of a Software Developer for making Setup/Installer files


How are you all? I’m hoping all of you are fine. Today I’m introducing with you, the best and easiest software for making setup file and it is also branded software.

Do you know Advanced Installer is the best choice of a Software Developer for making Setup/Installer files?


After completing programming work, which subject comes, that is- changing software as package installer.

Advanced Installer can play a great role to making a beautiful and qualified setup file according to your wish and choice.

You can distribute developed software very easily through Advanced Installer. Where you execute needed personal or company’s data, installer theme, online install process, necessary steps to keep a regular update, through just only this software Advanced Installer.

In spite of this, there are many facilities, which will make your work vision delighted and attractive.

Take a look at a glance, what more special benefits are there:

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Visit here to download Advanced Installer.

And there is Advanced Installer extension for Microsoft visual studio, which you can download from here.

At the end of download install Advanced Installer.

If install process is completed then open that software.

And select your wanted project type.


Gradually follow next steps.

I will try in next tune, presenting with video and there will stay how you will add Advanced Installer in the project of Microsoft Visual Studio.

Thank you. It is enough for today. Be happy all. Take care…….