Don’t read, now hear the books


Yes, now you can hear your book, no need to read the books. Your Android mobile will read your book, just listen it. Maximum students don’t like to read books, they like to hear the sound. But book reading is a hobby. By the way, I’m talking about an Android app. The name of this app is: “Moon Reader Pro…“.

How to hear an ebook?

listen the book

You can hear your books with the help of “Moon Reader Pro…” Android app.  You can read any PDF book with this app. You can change the sound speed, you can the voice into Male/Female voice.

hear pdf ebook with android app

It’s time to download the app. This is a premium app, if you want to download it from Google Play, then you have to buy it. Google Play price is 4.99$. No tension, I’ll give your this app for free.

Download Moon Reader Pro for Free

After downloading, install it on your Android Smartphone or tablet and hear all the PDF ebooks.

Thank you.

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