How to copy protect BlogSpot website

Hello friends, Another short tip for Blogger who are blogging by using BlogSpot Website. Now you can Copy Protect BlogSpot website by Using a small JavaScript within a second. You know that everyone copies your article from your blogspot website. So friends today I will give you tips to protect your blog post from coping. Just follow me…

Copy Protect your BlogSpot Website

copy protect blogspot

SO you have to do:

1)      At first, you log in to your “Blogger Account”.

2)      Then you go to Layout section and click to “Add a Gadget” option.

3)      Then you go to the “HTML / Javascript” section and copy paste the HTML code from below.

4)  You can use it anywhere to the “Add a Gadget” section because it will not be showing on your site.

5) Then you have to save your widget. Your work is finished. Now your BlogSpot is Protected.

Thank you for reading…