Benefits of Rooted Android Phone


Let us know the Advantages and Benefits of Rooted Android Phone:

1) Custom ROM: Android users may also be heard that many people installed Custom ROM. Many people may look like a Custom ROM install a phone, they think it to install Custom ROM on your phone. So you must be the Root. The main condition is to install a Custom ROM  you will able to route. ROM means Read Only Memory, which runs on your device. Custom ROM is available in the internet, which will not only makes eye’s performance it will increase phone performance also. In the Custom ROM developers Team Rouge, Team EOS, Paranoid Android, MIUI, etc, you can listen to more of the name. If you want compatible with a ROM manager in your phone, you can download the ROM. To find the ROM from Google Play you can install Goo Manager and Rom manager.

Rooted Android Phone

2) Custom Theme: Theme means the displaying graphics in your phone, it also to modify the route you can take.

3) Latest Android Version: In many cases, the phone manufacturer stopped updating form phone. Where everyone uses Android jelly Bean, there you may be satisfied with the ice cream, sandwich. In most cases, there is a reason to stop updating so why you left the old version of Android. If you want to install the new version on your phone, then the route will must.

4) Custom Carnal: While the Android device is ROM, but the works can command the Carnal. When you touch the screen then the phone touch points co-ordinate or where you touch this data will go to the Carnal. Carnal is too important for phone. The performance of your phone can increase to using Carnal.

5) Battery and phone speed control:  After the route if you install the Custom ROM on your phone, then how to use your phone such as CPU usage you will get some option like Governor, performance etc. You can get the maximum speed of your phone and the lowest expenditure of your battery. The speed can increase by over a block (battery cost high) or you can under the block (battery cost low). After the route you can install No-frills CPU or over lock apps from Google play then you can work for them.

Rooted Android Phone

6) Backup Making: The biggest advantage of the route is creating a backup. Google gives some backup facilities but it is extended to the calendar, Gmail. The route through the software on your device, you can create an exact copy of the software on your device with application settings. After route suppose you want to upgrade the ROM or you wanted to install a Custom ROM. After installing, you feel not well then if you can flash back to your device you will return to your previous situation. In the same way to get back up files on a memory card. After the route you do anything before the backup. If you want to use backup apps then you can do with the Titanium Backup app. If you have installed a Custom recovery then you can backup from there.

7) Memory Management: After the route you can also delete unnecessary file from your phone. Memory card allows you to take stock apps from phone memory. The more speed will be able to empty your phone memory (if you do not understand then you don’t delete any file).

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