Best Screen Recorder for Android Phone



Hi, how are you? I am fine. I generally write article about Android App. Today, I also will present you 1 app.

Best android phone screen recording application

Several days ago, 1 screen recorder is required. No tension. Google Play store is available here. Enter into the Google Play store and seeing the ratings and download the software. I do not tell anything. You try it. Although, I do not find any good recorder. I have seen my friend to use it. Then I have taken it from my friend. I don’t know do you like it or not. But, I think, it is good.

However, I do not tell you that it is the best. But at least, it is not an unsatisfactory.

Let’s take a look about this features:

  • No limit on recording time

think, the best features are available on it.

  • Audio recording (Pro)
  • Android Material theme
  • Show screen touches while recording
  • Shake or switch screen off to stop
  • Possibility to delay start of recording
  • Banner during recording (Pro)

N.B: Root is required in some phones.


During the time of download, quit the tick sign in the below of Download option.