Bangla Voice Clock & Bengali Speaking Clock for PC


Want to hear the time? If yes, download the most favorite and the most popular “Bangla Voice Clock” and “Bangla Speaking Clock (Somoy Kathok)” for Windows PC. I’ll give you all these software for free. Must download, if you want to enjoy the child’s voice. Download, Install, Listen and enjoy.

Bangla Voice Clock & Bengali Speaking Clock for Windows PC

bangla voice clock

Bangla Speaking Clock is an application software for Windows PC users who talk in Bengali or Bangla all around the word that reads a clock in Bangla. You can set declaration like clockwork, 30 minutes or 1-hour interim. The application doesn’t take much smash and keeps running in low power mode. Simply set the interim time and overlook, it will report time consequently.

Remember: If you set 15-minute interim then you need to hold up at most extreme 15 minutes to hear the declaration.

Bangla Speaking Clock (Somoy Kathok) is also an application software for Windows PC users. “Bangla Speaking Clock (Somoy Kathok) displays the date and time in Bengali/Bangla language. “Bangla Speaking Clock (Somoy Kathok)” also speak the time and date in Bengali.


  1. Shows date and time in Bengali.
  2. Shows Bangla Calendar.
  3. Speak date and time in Bengali.
  4. Speak in child’s voice.
  5. Custom interval to speak the date and time.

Now it is time to download this software. Follow the link below to download Bangla Voice Clock (Always Free).

Download Bangla Speaking Clock for Android.

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