Watch the most Beautiful and Amazing Spots in Bangladesh


Hi, How are you? I am fine. Today, my article is: Watch the most Beautiful and Amazing Spots in Bangladesh. I think, it is the best guide for tourists.

Best tourist spots in Bangladesh

Tourist spots in Bangladesh

So many people say that there no beautiful spots in Bangladesh. But, this is totally a wrong concept. There are so many amazing spots in Bangladesh which without watching you do not believe that. Now, I will watch you some beautiful and amazing places in Bangladesh. In leisure time, you guys, easily visit in those places. Today, at your home, you watch the videos of some beautiful places.


Sylhet may be one of the biggest and most beautiful place in the world. Watch out the video of total tea garden and the area of Sylhet.

Beautiful Bangladesh “Sylhet” – The Queen Of Tea Garden


Dhaka is called the soul of Bangladesh. It is not only the capital of Bangladesh but also the sight seeing of Bangladesh. Watch out the video of the beautiful Dhaka.

Beautiful Bangladesh – City Of Heart Dhaka

Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar is the longest and non-fragmented sea beach. The length of the beach is about 120 kilometers and the whole beach is sandy, you do not find any mud.  Shells on the sand dunes of the beach adjacent to the rich coral species crowded in the shops, modern hotel, motel and cottages; every tourist season cox’s bazaar is the liveliness of the people. Swiss “New Seven Wonders Foundation” named Bernard Weber owned by this institution for the second time in 2000, the Cox’s Bazar is the new Seven Wonders of the World. Watch the video of an extraordinary fineness of Cox’s Bazaar.

Beautiful Bangladesh – Cox’s Bazar The World Largest Sea Beach

Historical Places of Bangladesh

According to archaeological findings, the archaeologists get the information in 2006 from the area of Uyari-Boteswar that the human settlement built up almost 4 years ago.   The idea is that the Tibetan-Burman ethnic Dravidian settled here. Later, the area was divided into small states ruled by local and foreign rulers. After the arrival of the Aryans in the sixth to the fourth century AD, the Gupta dynasty ruled Bengali. Soon afterwards, Shashank, a native king of the area for a short time was able to seize power. More than a hundred years of anarchy (which is called the episode a period) the Buddhist Pal dynasty seized the power of Bengal, and to rule in the next four hundred years. The Hindu Sen dynasty came to power. Islam was introduced to Bengal in the twelfth century by Sufi. Later, during the military operation and the victory of the Islamic regime in power.  In 1205-1206 AD, Uddin Muhammad Bakhtiyar, a Turkish born captain defeated Lakshman Sen of the Sen Dynasty. In the sixteenth century, the Mughal Empire until the Bengali is administered by the local sultan and the landowners. Dhaka is the capital of the Mughal conquest and was named Jahangir Nagar.

Beautiful Bangladesh – Ancient Places To See

A beautiful place in the whole country at a glance

We all like to travel more! But, most of the people wish to visit the beautiful spots, but cannot yet be done. For them is a very short video Sightseeing.

Beautiful Bangladesh – Touch Your Soul

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