Backlink Techniques 2020 – Learn Step by Step


The first thing that really comes to our mind of the bank link- guest posting and blog comment. But, if you work with so much competitive keyword, then working with those two plans to gain success, it will be a little harder. Then, what will we do now?

The main work on bank link, but set your link to another site. Following that link visitor can come to your site.

The Ultimate Backlink Techniques (2020)


Come, let’s see without Guest posting and Blog comment, in which way we can do bank link.

#1. Testimonial:

Suppose, you have a blog on health tips. Now your work will be that, on health which products have done well, make a list on that. Then purchase that product.

Now your work will be that write a testimonial of each product. There how much product has done well, what was more than you would be happy, try to mention that. And if you just do praise, then many people may seem fake feedback.


But there is no problem if you wrote by praising. Now, that product company needs your full identity, which they will use on their testimonial page when it will publish.

This chance, now use it. Give link in your site. Work is completed.

As, your testimonial is a little bit of exaggerated type, for that they can contact you, keeping that type of chance they will publish your testimonial.

And in addition, your bank link of the site will reach in much better rank.

#2. Free Review:

Now the work is reverse tips of before. Suppose, you have sold any product. Now your work is finding out some good blogger on the niche product. Who blogs daily and gives several types of tips.

Write beautiful mail.


Email Format
Email Format

Remember one thing here, don’t try to give the fake review. Google doesn’t like fake review writing. But, here you can’t tell him to write fake reviews.

Free Review
Free Review

That blogger will use your product before, then he will write a review. That is his totally personal matter. You don’t have any hand here.

But, think once more, you made a list of 100 bloggers, who have visitor 30,000+. They tune in their blog per week 2/3.

Then, their number of the blog will be 12 per month, of which one is yours.

If you give product 100 bloggers with free of cost, then you will need $200 but think what might be the amount of your selling quantity.

The actual thing is, your bank link is getting fairly permanent. Which will give you sell + link both?

#3. What I like:

I always try to keep history, which I like. Hearing my history you may smile, but you have also a history which you like most. You have made it in your unknown situation, but never have you felt.

You, like most chocolate in your childhood, but now you don’t like that chocolate so much. It may be now you don’t like it at all.

When you used to like chocolate in your childhood, you had a list of that. If someone wanted to give you like that chocolate then you don’t have the limit of joy.

Best Blog
Find Best Blog For Backlinks

Here that matter is like that. If you ask your uncle in this way “my favorite (TOPIC) blogs”, then uncle will show you that list, who have already made about liking product and service category.

Some may be more search keyword:

  • “best (topic) blogs YEAR”
  • “(TOPIC) blogs to read”
  • “My favorite (TOPIC) blogs”

In this way, you will get the site of good quality who have made list in that way, according to the good site.

Now, your work is making a list of all that site. Then give a mail each and everyone that if they like, they keep that site of their liking list.

Yes, it is completed. This type of link will give the visitor of good quality many days. To do this work you don’t need to invest money in one word.

Because you will take the help of uncle for making list. And you don’t have work without mailing.

Suppose, you sent mail 100 people. At least, if you get back a positive reply from 10 people then that is more enough.

#4. Saltamami:

Those who have tried for the job, such people will not be found, that people can’t read the current world or like that monthly magazine surely. But each monthly magazine decorates all events of the year in one place after ending the year and then publish the annual magazine. That’s name is saltamami. The demand for this saltamami is higher than in monthly magazines.

If you search google then you will get many sites but who make this type of saltamami that is to link.

Taking the best publication of the whole month, which they make that is “link roundup”. Now your work is making their list who keeps this type of roundup.

Link Roundup
Link Roundup

We will take the help of uncle for making this list. But, we need to understand the uncle what you need: For that:

  • “your keyword” + “link roundup”
  • “your keyword” + “roundup”
  • “your keyword” + “best of”
  • “your keyword” + “this week”

Search to uncle like upper’s list. Uncle will help you to make a good list.

Now, your work is mailed to the site owner. It is completed to get bank link with free of cost.

#5. Tag Picture:

Suppose, you had been traveling recently from Sunderbans in a few days ago. Now your friends have uploaded that picture on their wall on Facebook. You are in that picture, but nobody tags you.

Those who know you, they may know who you are by seeing your picture. But anybody doesn’t have the option to understand. The solution to this problem is if your friend tags you in that picture. Then, those who don’t know you, they also will understand whose picture this is. You will just tell your friend that, “tag me in my pictures”. It is completed, there is no work. Your bank link of the Facebook profile is complete.

You will find out from Bazsumo and that who have talked about your product but don’t link.

So, now you have a list of them, who have become fans of your product recently. Now your work is to remember them, please “tag me”.

Letter Sample
Letter Sample

Your work is completed. The opportunity will wander around at your feet, so why you will leave them?

#6. Fish Fry in Fish Oil:

At the time of link building, all people have wished if a link can be done in any way in .edu site. For that, make a scholarship page. Make there a scholarship guide. Now your work is finding .edu site who has a page with the name of scholarship.

For that, you will take help again from an uncle.

Inurl: edu “scholarship”

Search to the uncle by upper’s writing.

Now make a list who goes to your page of the site. Now write a beautiful mail.

Hello (Name),

I have a scholarship page where I always update about good scholarships, which will need very much for your students. My page’s name is “Name”, here (give a little description about your page)
If you add your page as recommendation page in scholarship page, then your scholarship page would be more resourceful. Definitely. Inform us if you have any question. Take care,

(Your Name)

Your work is finished, now it’s time for waiting at how many people reply.

#6. HARO:

If you want to link to your site in all famous journals and magazines, then “HARO” is the best solution for you. Work is very normal, going to website direct sign-up. Then you will get 3mails in every day. Where journal, reporters have found a source of good quality. Now your work is, if you know a good source, then help them. Instead of this, they will give you the present extraordinary backlink, which you need.

#7. Fish Fry in fish Oil again:

This time frying fish in fish oil’s plan is a little bit different. If you search then you will get .edu site, where is also a resource page.

Come, let’s take pages before from an uncle.

  • “your keyword”
  • “your keyword” + “resources”
  • “your keyword” + in url:links
  • “your keyword” + “other sites”

Now your work is like before. Write a mail and inform each and everyone that if website adds in a resource page, then resource page will be more resourceful.

From here, there is a possibility of getting positive replay 5-10%. But, the value of this link is more than any other bank link.

#8. Feedback:

There is a review system from Amazon for the product, you can take feedback of the website. For that, you have to submit only your website. Most of these acts as the do-follow link.

Like those two sites are:

#9. Farewell:

Suppose, on which Nish your work, suddenly a famous site has changed their site’s name/link of site/has been closed.

But, there was the massive backlink of that site. Find out with ahrefs how much bank link is on that site. Now only work is to inform all, that site is no more. You can recommend our site.

Then let’s see, how we will find that site. Search for uncle.

  • Keyword + shut down
  • Keyword + changed names
  • Keyword + moved URLS
  • Keyword + No longer updated
  • Keyword + out of business
  • Keyword + rebranded
  • Keyword + service no longer available
  • Keyword + this resource no longer updated

After making lists, now start to give mail.

#10. List of:

There are many blogs who keep lists of the blog of good quality on several Nish. Now your work is submitting your site in that site. After submitting, you will get links from do-follow from there. Yes, it is completed.

This type of site is: alltop.

#11. Guest posting List:

There is an option of Guest posting, to find out this type of website of good quality, it seems to work very hard. Because for knowing the present situation of any site you will need to research well your website.

Forgetting to understand the present situation, the best thing is, if you can find out how is the location of that in social media.

But, if it is that is an option for finding out in social media then it would be better.

Like that option is on twitter.

Go to direct option search on twitter. Now your work is searching. For searching how you do to uncle, do same there.

  • “your niche” + guest post
  • “your niche” + guest author
  • “your niche” + write for us
  • “your niche” + guest article

You will find a lot of tunes, who have twitted by mentioning about guest posting. Make a list of them. Now your work is in contact with everyone. If you check the history of Twitter, then you will understand how many days after they do the guest tuning and they give importance to what type of guest tuning.

Guest Blogging
Guest Blogging

Try to talk with everyone according to their mind.

Actually, the benefit of this is the instant you are talking about. There is no possibility of going into your message spam folder, which has actually if the e-mail was done.

So, why you will miss the chance?

#12. Ice cream:

You may already have heard the name OS But there creates no follow the link and for this reason, you can’t use it, then you have been missing major type of opportunity. But your main aim was- coming visitor of good quality in your website and off course it has to be done legally. Then, you definitely should use a

The best thing is, to come in a good position in other social media sites, you have to give more time, but here you can get a good result by giving time 20-30 minutes. is such a place where people reserve their most likable writing as a magazine.

There is an option of following like twitter. The main thing is -there is no fake follower like sites of other social media.

Now, seeing high page rank, find out some scoop page. Now click in suggesting option and information about your content. After giving message 100 persons, at the end day, if 20 links create then it is more of that.

If that no follows, although it will give you a visitor of good quality.

#13. Broken Link Building:

Broken link building method is like tie moving man method. But, here you will accept a cunning fox policy. In general, the link becomes a little bit difficult though your writing is good. Let’s see, what policy cunning fox use here?

Your first work is- taking help from an uncle. But before that add an extension in Google Chrome with the name of Check My Links.

  • keyword”  + “resource page”
  • keyword” + “resources”
  • keyword” + “recommended sites”
  • keyword” + “links”

If you search in Google with the text on the top, then you will get a resource page of good quality on a keyword.

Now click on your extension. The extension will show you good and breaking both types of link.

Link Building
Link Building

Now your work is – checking that what was in all that broken link. For that, you will use the archive. If you see there is a similarity of an article with a blog, then mail the owner of that site.

Work is completed. You are really happy. Your bank link was done with free of cost in the site of the page rank of good quality.

Find out a list in which place that is broken link was linked. For that, you can take help of ahrefs.

Sure, write a mail of good quality and send mail the owner of all site.

There is a possibility of getting a good result from here.

#14. Shortcut Picture:

Infographic is an extraordinary tool for link building. You may think- making Infographics is a matter of massive time and more costly. But, that matter is not like that which you think so difficult.

In childhood, if you simple sum, it would seem who has kept this name simple, it needs to catch him. If it is simple then what sum is complicated.

But, after practicing simple sum it would seem if all sums would be simple like.

Here that matter is exactly like that.


If you can write a good article/think/plan, then you can definitely make Infographics of good quality.

You will get a good quality designer at low price at UPWORK.

Then your work will be, the promotion of Infographics. For that:

You can use this website. Then your work is – infographics are on which keyword, finding out some good quality type blog according to that keyword.

Infographics act well as guest tuning than the article.

#15. Skyscraper Technique:

Skyscraper Technique is extraordinary for plan link building. If you follow this plan well, then a visitor of your site can increase up to 110%. Brian Dean was the father of this plan. On that, I had written a blog tune before. Here I didn’t write anything newly.

Now it’s your turn, which you will use the above techniques?

Then start.

And inform us obviously if you have any question or suggestion. We will try our level best. I write here regularly.

You can visit here if you get time, your time will not be totally in vain 99% guaranty.

May your online life with happiness.

Thank You.

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