Do you want to buy a Waterproof phone? Know the truth about the Waterproof device


The best thing of smartphone of the new generation is, this phone can get wet in the rain, can pick picture of swimming pools inside and no need to worry with water ever. We understand to say the Waterproof device as these advantages. But what we understand is that true? The truth is these devices are not water proof these are Water Resistant. And this matter creates difference, which we need to know.

Which SmartPhone Do You Want To Buy, Waterproof Or Water Resistant?

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Not only smartphones rather wire able gadgets like smart watch, fitness band etc. Have developed standard our movement and daily lives. So beside of smartphones, all   these devices have earned new powers daily. The biggest problem of these devices which is always related to us is that, coming touch of water. So nowadays manufactured phone companies are more interested in making water proof device. Manufactured companies almost campaign in their advertisement that, their device is “Waterproof”. But this word is not true ever. So if you not aware about your device then you have to count a lot of money as charges.

Friends, in today’s article I will discuss about the difference between Waterproof and Water Resistant. I will discuss more, if your device is water registrant but about what things you need to be careful? And there will be as bonus more important information related to this. So let’s start:

Waterproof Vs. Water Resistant:

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Waterproof device means in which device no water can enter, where the water resistant device means in that device water will enter, but after that till some steps that will be secured. Any device manufactured company is not able to make a waterproof device, its devices are water resistant. Though this is a delicate matter, but the fatal difference comes with it.

Yes, your phone may have the ability of getting wet in the rain water, but you can’t go with it in the deep sea to drive. Yes, your smart watch can be able to spend time at the bottom of the water, but in the bottom of the water you can’t press any button because if you press the button, its face of security step will be opened and water will enter inside the phone.

So when there is nothing on the waterproof device, then discussing that, nothing will work. So let’s discuss about water registrant. One device is how much water prevented or how much water it will bear with, for determining that, according to the device it is divided into two standard parts. Standards are ATM and another is IP.

#1. ATM standard is used in case of wire able device:

wire able devices

ATM means here atmosphere. When you are above from sea surface than one type of pressure exists around you and when you are in the deep of 10 meter water then another type of pressure exists around you. Above pressure is called 1ATM and pressure inside 10 meter water is called 2ATM. In this way different ATM is determined for the inside deepness of each more 10 meter water.

Smart watch and your fitness band’s preventive power are published by ATM normally. If your water device registrant is rated by 5ATMs then you can go in the deep sea with it comfortably, you can also swim comfortably in the swimming pool.

But really it is to say, no standard is tested for wire able devices. But after that also, if your device is 5ATMs as one user then you don’t need to worry. But your device is standard of ATM so this is a water resistant device as a result, you can determine on its ATM standard that, on how much deep sea you can go. And another problem is at the time of drowning in the water, you can’t press any button on the phone.

#2. IP rating is used for mobile phone:

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Though there is no standard test for wire able devices, but there is water resistant standard taste for smartphone. An International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has provided its taste’s rule. And the process of this standard test is called International Protection or IP. Normally, IP rating is held in two digit codes.

Like an IP rating of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is IP68. Between these two digits, the first digit instructs of giving protection of dust. Where 6 is the highest rating (most of the smartphones of nowadays have able to achieve this). And second digit instructs of giving water protection, where 9 is the highest rating (but most of phones have achieved 7, 8 rating). Let’s know about IP rating with water, protection from the bottom’s list:

    1. There will be no harm for the water’s drop.
    1. There will be no harm for water’s drop and there will be no harm if it falls vertically 15 degrees.
    1. There will be no loss if the water in sprayed in it, if it falls vertically 60 degrees yet there will be no problem.
    1. If it is washed from any sides of the phone with water’s hit yet there will be no problem.
    1. There will be no problem though water is thrown with 6.3MM Nigel’s water jets.
    1. There will be no harm, though water is thrown with 12.5MM Nigel’s water jets.
    1. Though it is drowned for till the highest 30 minutes in the deep water of 1 meter yet there will be no loss.
    1. Though it is drowned for till the highest 30 minutes in the deep water of more 1 meter yet there will be no loss.
  1. There will be no loss though water is sprayed of high temperature and high pressure in it.

I hope, till now you have gotten very good concept about several IP ratings. But here also one problem that is water protection IP rating of your device is 8 but it doesn’t mean that, it is examined IP rating 6 or 7! And for this more IP ratings are given in some devices. Like: There are both IP ratings IP65 and IP68 in (Sony Experia J5).

But you don’t need to worry, I had discussed just about technical things. If any device passes as usual IP rating 5, 6, 7 and 8 then that device will pass first four steps also automatically. Like water drop, water spray and water hit. So before buying a water registrant phone, which things you need to note first? At first you have to see second digit of IP ratings. Here how many highest numbers will be stayed that means protection’s high standard also will be stayed that much.

Limitation of Waterproof device:

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You have gotten very well now the truth that, “Waterproof” is actually “Water Resistant”. So now let’s know about some limitations of waterproof technology, according to condition. Through which you can determine easily that in which things you need to be careful.

Seal and Button: If there is any cover in front of SIM slot or memory slot on your phone then close that. Because if these covers are opened, then water can enter inside it. If your device has any button, then stay way to press that under the water. As a result of pressing the button, protection level’s face can be opened and water can enter inside the phone. Yes, some phone companies provide the permission of pressing button on their phone. But before pressing button, it is better to check that your phone company provides the permission or not.

Just in the fresh water: Have you thought to take your phone in the deep sea? Yes, but should you do this? No, not at all! See friends, every water registrant IP is taste with only fresh water- not with sea’s water. Melted salt with sea water can able to destroy your phone extremely. So, if you have a Waterproof phone- then it is better to keep this phone far way in sea’s water. By mistake if it goes in sea water, then you should wash that phone with fresh water immediately.

Not in the other liquid except water: Every IP taste gives protection, certainty only against water, but doesn’t give certainty against coffee, tea, cold drinks, oil etc. So by mistake if any other liquid except water falls in the phone, then immediately switch off the phone, open battery if it is possible (Phone With Removable Battery vs Non-Removable Battery Which is Best), and wiping well that phone and washing with fresh water switch on that phone again.

Waterproof is not any feature:

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Friends, know one thing very well that, being Waterproof means it is a protection against water but it is not any feature. You will have seen that any advertisement of Waterproof phone, going under the water everybody has picked up the picture. But how much is that possible in reality? Never phone’s touch screen will work under the water. As a result, where you have touched the phone, you will not understand it is too far that picking pictures.

Being Waterproof means just a protection measure, it is not a new feature. So every time after getting wet the phone, switch off the phone, open battery if that is possible, wipe the phone with dry cloth very well and switch on the phone again.

Last Word:

I hope you known many important things from today’s tune. So, according to your opinion, is a Waterproof device really good? Should you buy the Waterproof device? You can inform me your opinion by commenting. And pressing below share button, don’t forget to share this tune.

Thank you…

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