Best Google Chrome Extensions And Apps For Smart Internet Marketers [2017]


The market is filled with tools, platforms, and services of all kinds. When somebody brings up a ‘Best tools for marketing’ topic, we all have a big deal to share. Now the problem is there are various lists and reviews on the internet to help you pick the best solution. But sometimes, all we need is a small, yet helpful tool to help us yo manage our everyday routine. So, therefore Google Chrome apps and extensions come in. So, if you are searching for a long time then this article is for you. just read on.

Popular Google Chrome Extensions & Apps For Internet Marketers


As the most recommended browser worldwide, Google Chrome expectedly offers a rich collection of paid and free apps and extensions. But make sure not to get over-enthusiastic. Too many of these will make your browser heavier and may conflict with each other or certain websites. So, be reasonable.

Content Marketing Apps And Extensions

1. Grammarly Chrome Extension

Grammarly is a Grammar checker tools that works through grammar checking abilities, such as punctuation check, spelling check, sentence structure check, translation check, synonym check, and much more. It is a rockstar extension for proofreading content. This extension or software has been praised and recommended here and elsewhere, by amateurs and top marketing experts alike. Grammarly is also a Best spell and grammar checker plugin for WordPress & Blogger Websites. It is a cloud-based proofreading service. You can upload your content to their website and get a detailed report for each text.

But the Grammarly Chrome extension can do more. It will check your tweets on Twitter before your post them, correct your spelling in emails, find typos you made when writing a comment on a post, etc. You won’t need to copy and paste texts to proofread them. The extension will do it all on the go, and it’s really helpful.

Pricing: A free version and a paid, extended version ($29.95/month).

2. Inbox by Gmail

Next popular one is Inbox by Gmail. This Chrome app is designed by the own Google team. This app saves content, stores all saved links directly in your mailbox and links you find on the web. You can reverse to them later, or share them in one click. The app is free, but you’ll need a Gmail account to use it.

Pricing: It is totally Free software.


3. Giphy for Chrome

Simply Giphy is a GIF search engine. It works really fast and really well. Sometimes you just need to be more friendly. This is when animated GIFs come in. Why not respond with a funny GIF to decrease the atmosphere or Cheer up your co-worker? You can search GIFs and add them to your messages, Twitter posts, Facebook posts, or emails.

Pricing: It is totally Free software.


4. Check My Links

Check My Links is a must-have tool for savvy content marketers. Whenever you edit a long piece of content, this tool will scan your text and reveal all broken links. This tool is helpful when you want to edit or refurbish your old content. It will highlight working links with green and mark broken ones with red.

Pricing: It is totally Free software.

Email Marketing Apps And Extensions

5. Email Tracker

Let’s see some Email Marketing Apps And Extensions. This extension tracks all emails you send and notifies you when they are viewed. You also get a record for every message. Email Tracker will tell you who opened the message, how many times it was viewed, and how much time your beneficiaries spent on the message.

Pricing: A free version and a paid, extended version ($48/year).

Check out Email Tracker

6. Email Hunter

Mail Hunter is next powerful extension for effective email marketing campaigns. This tool can draw email addresses from any website. It scans pages to find all possible contact details and returns a list of names and email addresses. You won’t need to waste your time looking for contacts while using mail hunter. The extension stings the website as you are browsing it!

Pricing: Free – 150 request/month. Paid – starts $39/month (1,000 requests).

Check out Email Hunter

7. Boomerang

Boomerang offers many powerful features for savvy marketers. First, you can hide a message in your mailbox and select when you want to make it back to your inbox. You can also register your emails to be sent out whenever you need. The extension also allows for tracking of emails and sends a notification directly to your mailbox when someone reads them.

Pricing: A free version and a paid, extended version (starts at $4.99/month).

Check out Boomerang

8. Just Not Sorry

Just Not Sorry is a Gmail plugin that warns you whenever you use words that undermine your message and diminish your voice. The extension will underline all words and phrases like ‘sorry’, ‘I think’, and ‘just’ that may shrink your power. As a result, your written voice will be stronger and clearer.

Pricing: It is totally Free software.

SEO Apps And Extensions

9. Topvisor

Topvisor numbers the search listings and displays the rank next to each. It quickly gives you an idea of what position your website or blog has for a particular search query. The Topvisor Chrome extension imagines search results. It lets you know where you stand in relation to your opponent. You can send screenshots using this extension to your clients and work on getting a better number!

Pricing: It is totally Free software.

Check out Topvisor

10. Google PageSpeed Insights

This is the most used extension by the developers. The Google PageSpeed Insights extension will analyse the performance of your web pages and give you a “PageSpeed Insights score”. It will also provide you with the link of the Insights Developer Console if you want to get more stats and see recommendations.

Pricing: It is totally Free software.

  • Check out Google PageSpeed Insights

11. Majestic Backlink Analyser

This extension scans web pages and presents you with features of page strength based on the backlink data. It has its own scores to check pages: Trust Flow™ and Citation Flow™. Now you can get the number of URLs linking to any page.

Pricing: A free version and a paid, extended version (starts at $49.99/quarterly).

Check out Majestic Backlink Analyser

Social Media Marketing Apps And Extensions

12. Buffer

This is a most popular Chrome app and also extension designed by the Buffer social media management platform. It enables you to share the web content you like too many social media accounts at once.

Pricing: A free version and a paid, extended version (starts at $10/month).

Check out Buffer

13. Sniply

Sniply allows you to create call-to-actions with text associated with your brand. You can embed these into your gratified pages and links you share on social networks. So, you’ll support yourself while sharing other’s content.

Pricing: A free version and a paid, extended version (starts at $29/month).

Check out Sniply

14. RiteTag

This is a great extension that explains you which #tags will work best on Twitter. The app uses four colour indicators to help you pick the right #tag that given below.

Green = this hashtag will make your post seen now.
Blue = this hashtag will get your post seen over time.
Red = this hashtag has low engagement.
Gray = very few people are following this hashtag.

Pricing: A free version and a paid, extended version ($49/year).

Check out RiteTag

15. Conspire

Conspire is an important tool for those needs to master influencer marketing. It shows the best path to connect with a person- be it on Linkedin, Gmail, or Angellist. It will reveal if you have common friends or acquaintances in your circle. This way, you’ll be able to use them as a connecting link.

Pricing: It is totally Free software.

  • Check out Conspire

Productivity Apps And Extensions

16. OneTab

OneTab enables you to clear up your browser window when you have too many tabs opened. This tool will deflate all active tabs and save them into a list on a single tab. You can restore them later when needed.

Pricing: It is totally Free software.

17. Bookmark Manager

Bookmark Manager is a great extension created by own Google to help manage and organise all of your stored pages. Save your bookmarks in one click, search them, change their names, create and manage folders, and so on, all on a single page.


Pricing: It is totally Free software.

  • Check out Bookmark Manager

18. Todoist

Todosit is one of the great and most popular fecundity apps available in Google Chrome web store. It allows you to create and manage eye-catching task lists.

Pricing: A free version and a paid, extended version (starts at $28.99/month)

19. StayFocusd

The name speaks for itself. This extension is designed to help you stay focused on work. You can either block all websites that keep you amused (like Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, etc.) or allow to spend a preset amount of time browsing them.

Pricing: It is totally Free software.

Check out StayFocused

20. Noisli

Noisli is a great fecundity extension designed to create a perfect working environment. It allows blocking out annoying noises to create the right atmosphere for working or relaxing.

Pricing: It is totally Free software.

BONUS Extension Manager

You might decide to install every single extension mentioned here in this content post. And what if you installed even more? Then you’d require an extension manager to help you manage and organise all of these Chrome extensions.

Extension Manager displays all of them in a popup window. You can enable, disable, and uninstall extensions all with ease.

Pricing: It is totally Free software.

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Last Word: Have you used any of these tools which are given here in this list? Is there any missing tool you feel should be on this list? If Yes, do not forget to share your opinion with us in the comments below! Because any of your opinions will encourage me for correction and make this article into a better quality. Thanks for being, stay tuned for my next for my next article.

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