Add your desired address and will ring the alarms after reaching in that place


How are you? Hopefully, you are well. I am also well. Hopefully, today I will give you a new gift. You know that I write android app based article. Today, it will not be exceptions. Today, I will also gift you a beautiful gift of Android app. This app is nice to me. So, I will share with you. In below, I have described about this app.

Alarm App for Android

alarm clock for android

This app is a beautiful and it is very useable for the travelers. You add your own address and after reaching in that place, then the alarm will ring. Suppose, you are travelling on a bus or on a train. If you add an address in this app and after reaching in that place, then the alarm will ring. An many time, so many people cannot reach to their desired address. I think, this app is very useful for the travelers. This app is will help you for sleeping time, or reading books, or doing any work.

Some Characteristics about this app:

  1. User Friendly Interface.
  2. Simple and attractive graphics.
  3. Add additional address and you can add or delete it at any time.
  4. You can watch your saved address.
  5. You can delete your saved address at any time.


This app is totally free and sometimes it may have an advertisement. It is a good quality travelled app and its size is just 9.6 MegaByte. However, this app will provide good quality service. I don’t write anything. Just let’s have a look.

I don’t know that before anybody have shared this app with you guys or not. But, I am the first who is sharing this app with you guys. If it is necessary, then you can download this app.

Software Name/App Name: GPS Location Alarm

To download from play-store, you can go here. It is a link of Google Play Store.

If you want to download Google Play apps directly on your PC, then please read this tutorial. If you face a problem to download this Android app from play-store to your Smartphone, then you can download this app with the help of this tutorial.

Hopefully, this software is love by al guys. You make a request if you have a favourite game or app. Take care.

Thank You!

Biswajit Das
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