9 Unique Ideas for Packaging Design of Custom Cookie Boxes


A tasty and fresh cookie is the best snack when you are eager. Cookies are perhaps the most widely recognized, favorite, and consumed snacks of individuals of all genders and ages. Numerous cookie manufacturing organizations are present in the market which produce a variety of cookies with different flavors. Cookies are one of the favorite confectionery items around the world. Packaging of cookies is necessary to exhibit its quality and standard. Designing Custom cookie boxes can be quite complex and challenging.

Packaging Design

But it is not always true; you can make an attractive or appealing design with a simple pattern. It is all about your idea and inspiration. You can easily convert a simple stock packaging box to an amazing and appealing cookie box with custom packaging. 

A lot of new and innovative designs come in the food industry on a daily basis. Custom-designed treat boxes carry attraction to your store’s retail shelves and other displays. Treats box packaging accompanies extra protection to protect and retain the state of the treats. It likewise safeguards the freshness of the treats. Treat boxes come in many shapes and measures and contain custom partitions and slots according to the need and requests of the brand.

Packaging box design

As a cookie manufacturer or a snack brand, you need a top-notch quality treat box for your treats. Cookie packaging boxes reflect the organization’s standard, and assuming you want to attract more potential customers and increase your sales; you are destined for success. There is a lot of competition with the increasing amount of competitors in the food industry. Each of those brands has its own unique and innovative packaging design

But for now, let’s talk about the packaging design of Custom Cookie Boxes. First, let us give you some pro-level tips to design the perfect and ideal Custom Cookie Boxes for your brand, which will surely boost your sales and reach of target customers. 

  • Size and Shape to match the product needs

Custom cookie boxes

You can get the custom cookie boxes in any desired shape and size. There is no issue when it comes to small cookie boxes or large cookie boxes. The best thing is to choose a simple shape instead of going towards a complex or an unusual one. But try to keep this simple design a unique one. An innovative and unique design is something that will your brand stand out on retail shelves.

  • Added Protection

Cookies can easily be spoiled or broken to pieces because of their fragile nature. Strong, sturdy, and hard material will avoid contaminants and dust particles from entering inside the box. You should keep the size of the box in a perfect fit, as it will provide extra protection. A large-sized box will cause the cookies to move around inside the box and damaging them.

Large-sized box

You can also increase the safety of the cookies by putting them in a plastic bag and then putting them inside the custom cookie boxes. Customers like to receive cookies without any damage, so giving them the cookies in their right shape will surely result in a good reputation for your brand. 

  • Unique Materials

You can choose from the four generally used materials for Custom Cookie Boxes: Kraft, Corrugated, Cardboard, and Rigid. Kraft is affordable as well as recyclable.

  • Target your Ideal Customers

You can target ideal customers by designing perfect packaging for custom cookie boxes. It is achievable by keeping the needs and requirements of your customers in mind.  Using taglines like ‘Low in calories’ or ‘Reduce Plus Size’ will help you target more customers.

Custom cookie box

  • Using technology is the Trend

People love it when you use smart boxes with embedded technology for more information and easy access to nature. Using printed QR codes or chips for cookie boxes can be an innovative experience for the customers. 

  • Use Typography

Typography helps in selling your product more. For example, you can use simple and clear typography to help in creating an appealing packaging design for custom cookie boxes. But keep that in mind that the text should be readable and understandable.

Packaging design for custom cookie box

  • Minimal Design Images

Using such images with minimal design is the Right option for Custom Cookie Boxes. Choosing the right image or graphics will make the box look elegant and appealing. 

  • Highlight your Brand

You can easily market your product with the help of Custom Cookie Boxes. You can even say that custom cookie boxes work as a secret marketing agent for your brand and also easily tell your brand story with the help of these packaging boxes. It will serve as a free marketing channel for your business. Cookie boxes with logo and your brand details will help gain more exposure to your brand in the market. 

  • I prefer those options which are sustainable

Preferring sustainable and environmentally friendly options for your business is the right choice. For example, plastic has been widely replaced with Kraft boxes. Companies are even working towards edible packaging.