Small Business Ideas For Women In Low Budget


Any human who has willing power, braveness, & strong dreams, no one can stop him or her to reach the peak of success. After thousands of difficulties, he will achieve his goal. Although even if he starts from “0”, – one day he will absolutely reach its peak. And this was shown by a girl named “Patricia Narayan” – from Chennai. She took a loan of Rs.200 and started her business, and now she is earning 2 lakhs Per day.

Patricia Narayan's Earning
Patricia Narayan’s Earning

When Patricia was only 17 years old, she fought against her family and married a man who was much older than her. Patricia’s family can’t tolerate Patricia’s mistake and decided to end their relationship with Patricia. But, Patricia’s husband began to show his real face only within three months of their marriage. Patricia’s Husband was involved with various addictions and started torturing Patricia for money, thus by bearing so much of torture Patricia becomes the mother of two children. And as soon as she becomes the mother of her second child, Patricia decides that she will not let the shadow of this torture fall on her children. Then she left her husband with the help of her mother and started living in a rented house. But she always had a thought that how she will uplift her children. Then she came with a business idea, – Patricia liked cooking, and she used to cook very well, so she consulted with her mother and made a lot of Pickles, Jams & Cakes and took them in her mother’s office, all of them were sold in 1 hour. Pickles, jams & cakes were so tasty that everyone likes it very much.

Patricia Narayan
Patricia Narayan

Like this, after a few days, one day Patricia’s father’s friend was impressed by Patricia’s handmade cake, his father’s friend ran a school, and at that time He had an empty Stall and he wanted to give it to Patricia, and Patricia agreed to take it. And Patricia wanted to set that stall to Marina beach.

At that Stall, along with tea and coffee Patricia also kept Samosa & cutlets. But unluckily, only one cup of coffee was sold on the first day, and she earned only 50 paise. Seeing only 50 paise that she earned the whole day Patricia gets upset and frustrated, and she thought of closing the stall. Then her mother gave her courage and asked her to continue her work. Next day Patricia opens the Stall and starts to keep Snax along with tea, coffee, Samosa, cutlets and earns around 700 rupees that day, That was a big amount for her. Since then, Patricia’s enthusiasm for the work has increased further. Seeing her work and the taste of her food she got an offer to run a canteen. Patricia used to work in the canteen in the morning and she used to work in the stall at evening. Her income was increasing day by day, with her children getting a good opportunity to study in school. After that Patricia did not have to look back, she was offered various job offers in various offices and school canteens. But it’s said that happy times can be ruined. One month after the marriage of her daughter, it was reported in the morning that her daughter and son-in-law died in an accident. Patricia broke down after hearing the news and for which she kept herself away from work for some days, but her son gave her a lot of guidance and advised her to open a Restaurant in the name of her daughter. Then Patricia opens a restaurant named Sandipa for the memories of her daughter. Today there are 14 restaurants called Prashant-Sandipa in the entire Chennai. Currently, Patricia earns about two lakhs of rupees every day. Patricia said that sometimes she thought of her journey from 50 paise to 2 lakh rupees and she herself get astonished and find the desire to do something new. Patricia is inspiring to those women who dream of success in life. So if you are a woman and if you also have strong will then you too will succeed like Patricia. So if you have any Business Idea, start working to Fulfill that Idea. And if not, then Don’t worry we will give you some business ideas.

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5 Small Business Ideas For Women

So, choose the best Business Idea for yourself –

Number 1: Jam & Pickle Preparation:

Business Ideas For Women
Business Ideas For Women

The women who get fewer opportunities to go outside and love to cook, especially for those women it’s the best business idea. You can prepare jams, varieties of pickles and cakes in the home itself and you can also sell them from home or even at the market. You can watch on YouTube on how to make these products or you can also take a 6 months vocational course on this.

Number 2: Ladies Hair & Beauty Parlour:

Business Ideas For Women
Ladies Hair & Beauty Parlour

Hair Parlor and Beauty Parlour is a very good Business Idea for women. But for this, you need to know better-stylized haircuts, ways to reduce hair fall, etc., and you also need to have the beautician course. But if you do not have a course of beautician and you are very interested in this business, then you can easily by spending a money and a little time can start a business by doing this course. However, you can also do the beautician course online.

Number 3: Planning & Decoration:

Small Business Ideas For Women
Party Planning & Decoration

Planning and Decoration is a great profitable business idea. Nowadays, there is a lot of demand for planners in the party planning, wedding planning. Especially those women who live in Metropolitan Cities and Smart Cities can freely start this business. In this case, the better your skill and the unique your planning and decoration will be, the faster you will become popular and the faster your business will grow. But in this case, you have to create a core team.

Number 4: X-Rox & Print:

Small Business Ideas For Women
X-Rox & Print

No matter how many people say that the current era is of the internet, the era of 4G, 5G, 6G, but rather than reading on the internet or reading a file in PDF, it is better to read in hard copy or a book. Not only for reading, but it is also necessary to xerox documents to submit in offices, so if you have a school or college near your home, then you can buy a Xerox machine and a printer without thinking about this or that. But in this case, if you ask to get the information you can easily get a good second-hand xerox machine at a little price. Other than that you can also find it from different online sites, such as, OLX, Quickr etc.

Number 5: Caring Service (Old Age/ Day – Care Center)

Caring Services
Old Age/ Day – Care Center

Although women are more careful. Yet those who prefer a little more care for others – they can open old age home and serve elderly people on their own or can contact any other old age home and can take fees from them. If a woman loves to stay with children, to play with them, to care for them, and is interested, then she can open a Day-Care Center. Nowadays many parents are very busy, they can not give their children time from their work, so they search for day-care centers for their kids where their kids will be taken care of. So if you open a day-care center then, busy and willing parents can leave their child in your center, So as, they will be benefited from this, like that you will be also able to earn money easily from this care center.

So, friends, these were the best 5 business ideas for today’s women. If your favorite business is in it, rather than wasting more time, do not focus on anything else, start the business as soon as possible. And from today’s given ideas, if you do not find the business of your choice, don’t worry, because in the previous two videos we have discussed many business ideas for women, if you want, you can take a look at those videos from the link provided in the description box.

At last, I will only say, If you make your mind once that you will do it, then no strength, no obstacle can prevent you to do that. You just, Think Positive, Do Positive and Go ahead. Thank You.

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