8 Best Funny Software for Windows Users (Download Now)


Now 10 Mini Software of my Collections. You must like it.

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Desktop tool is such a tool which gives the entertainment to the computer users. At many times, we feel boring after working in front of a computer for a long time. Today, I will give you some desktop tools by which you will be very happy.  Especially, the children like this a lot. Most of the things are very small and portable. It means that there is no required to install these. Just double click and open it. And the size of it is very small. You organize it in the computer.

funny software

#1. Open it by double clicking on the animate desktop. It is a very favourite tool. You can place it on any places on the desktop.

flower animation

DOWNLOAD (Size: 1.7 MB).

#2. It is really a dangerous weapon, but it is not a harmful tool. You can heat on the desktop by using it. Especially, the children like it.

gadgets animation

DOWNLOAD (Size 1.2 MB).

#3. Animate Desktop Fish will open after double clicking on it. Click here to download it.

colouring fish

DOWNLOAD (Size: 2.8 MB).

#4. It is another a fish tool. You use it in the same process. For enlarging the fish, you click on the fish.

fish animation

DOWNLOAD (Size: 793 KB).

#5. It is another tool. It is my most choice able tool. It does funny sound. It does not stop. Download it from below.

funny sound

DOWNLOAD (Size: 1.7 MB).

#6. For using it, another thing is required. That is a headphone or microphone. It beautifully repeats your words. I think you like it.

speaking parrot

DOWNLOAD (Size: 1.9MB).

#7. Spying eyes animated eye always follow your cursor of the mouse. It is a very fun tool. The software will start after double clicking the software. Click here in below link.

spying eyes


#8. It is a romantic software which will create beautiful music and very beautiful bubbles.

love animation

DOWNLOAD (Size: 381 KB).

Thank You!

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