Download Image compression software and resize thousand images in one click


In my previous tutorial, I’ve shown you, how to decrease image size online? Now, download image compression software and compress image without knowledge of Photoshop. This software also helps to Photoshop experts, web developer, web designer, and image uploader. The name of this software is RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool).

Download Image Compression Software

How to reduce image size

This software can resize images, change brightness, contrast and decrease image weight. You can convert images in lower size without losing image quality. Personally, I like to use this software instead of Photoshop. Using RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool), you can upload image/picture into the website more quickly. Because lightweight images upload into the server faster than heavyweight images. So you can save your upload time.

Reduce image size in a second.

I was also finding this type of software few days ago. After finding a lot, I have got this RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool). It was very difficult to find this type of software.But you can say, why should I tell it Photoshop alternative? Yes, your question is right, but I’ll tell it Photoshop alternative because I don’t know Photoshop.

Features of this image compression software:

  1. Resize thousand images in one click. (You will not get this option in others image compression software).
  2. Convert image to JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF formats within a second.
  3. Live output after or before compression in dual mode.
  4. Resize multiple images at a time.
  5. You can set Customize Image Size (height and width) and custom image weight (for light weight).

Decrease image size online – Compress and Optimize Image Easily

How to use RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool)?

At first download this image compression software from the links below. It is freeware, no crack or keygen or serial key require. But the work of this software like a premium software.

Download RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool) from this link


Download link 2


Download older versions from this link

How to Edit or Convert or Resize or Compress or Optimize Images with RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool)?

At first install RIOT and open it. See the screenshot below:

RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool)

Now customize your image

download image compression software

If you still having have any please follow the video below. Hope this will help you.

Thank you…

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