2. Methods of Developing E-Commerce Websites (Part-4)


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2.31. Currency Converter

You do not think that your products are only bought by your native customers. You always think that your products may be bought by foreign customers. We know that every country has their different types of currencies. If you may add a currency converter, then foreign customers would easily get their product value.

2.32. Provide Product Warranty

The product which you would sell, you show the warranty card along with the products. As a result, you will gain the faith of the customers.

2.33. Shopping cart

What is this? When we visit in shopping malls, in there we collect a basket in where all of our collected items keep in that basket. Finally, when we go to the cash counter, then we pay the value of all items. So, in E-Commerce shopping cart is as same as the basket. Here, the customers store their collected items and when they would check out, then the billing amount would display on their screen.  Now, I will discuss about the shopping cart below.

2.34. Show Similar Item Feature

When the customers will watch the items in the cart, then they can watch the same products in the cart. This work is done by amazon.com.

Related Products

2.35. Add Product Thumbnail Image

Generally, which products add to the cart the customer forget that products. So, for reminding the customers, you may add some pictures of the products.

2.36. Free Shipping Offer

Various E-Commerce sites give free shipping offer. You may add a beautiful free shipping message with the products on your site.

Free Shipping Offer

2.37. Buy X gets and Y Free

Everybody likes the free product or gift product. So if you frequently give Buy 1 get 1 offer. It totally depends on your business situation.

Buy 1 Get 1

2.38. Show Shipping Cost Early

If you do not calculate the shipping cost with the product, then it would be better to show the shipping cost separately.  Because, shipping cost plays different role in different places.

2.39. Show shipping time estimated

UPS, FEDEX, USPS offers various services. That is, which product would deliver in which day and shipping charge, everything will show in front of the customers.

2.40. Show what method order will ship

Shipping Price is a very essential subject for shipping method. Some customers use some shipping methods. For example, outside people use FedEx and UPS method.

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