Why Use A VPN On iPhone?


Although it is still unclear which is more secure between an iPhone and a Blackberry, it has always been apparent that iPhones are more secure than Android phones. The level of security on an iPhone is truly commendable, with features such as data encryption, sandboxing and biometrics. With that level of protection, most people find themselves wondering whether they need to install additional security software. It has been argued that it is unnecessary to install antivirus software on iPhone. But is that the case with VPN software? Should you install a VPN even though iPhones come equipped with VPN protocols? This article explores this questions and aims to provide answers for iPhone users.

Why do you need a VPN for your iPhone?

VPN For iPhone
VPN For iPhone

One of the most significant risks that you could ever take today is connecting to the internet over a naked connection. Information is the most valuable commodity online, making hacking to acquire information a very lucrative job. For this reason, hacking dexterity has improved rapidly over the years. Unfortunately, this spells serious trouble for iPhone users who assume that the security of their devices is absolute. In truth, while it may be more difficult and complicated to hack into an iPhone as compared to an Android phone, it is not impossible.

iPhones employ a severe level of security such as sandboxing the device to protect against loss of information, especially from hacking. However, instead of struggling to get into your device, a hacker could easily take advantage of your naked connection and intercept the information as it is shared. Additionally, while the device may be secure on most fronts, a naked connection presents an opening for the hacker to infect the device with malware such as ransomware, keyloggers, and phishing software, the effects of which can be devastating.

Using an iPhone VPN is the best way to prevent information leaks or intrusions through your connection. The VPN encrypts your network, thus protecting any information transmitted over the network. Additionally, the VPN guarantees your anonymity by assigning a different IP address to your device, which keeps you hidden from prying eyes.

How to get ExpressVPN on your iPhone

Step 1: Subscribe to the best VPN for your iPhone through the order page

Step 2: Download the ExpressVPN iOS app on either your iPad, iPhone or iPod.

Step 3: Select and connect to a server location as indicated in the images.

ExpressVPN For your iPhone

Step 4: Surf the internet safely

Best features of ExpressVPN for iPhone

Network and Data Security

As mentioned earlier, a naked connection is one of the most significant risks for iOS devices, which makes network security one of its most significant weaknesses. However, ExpressVPN easily covers for that weakness through heavy encryption, which prevents information leaks thus safeguarding your privacy online.


ExpressVPN boasts an impressive 148 different server locations spread out over 94 countries. With such an abundant selection of locations, you can satisfy all your security needs regardless of your physical location. More impressively, the ExpressVPN app has a Smart Location feature, which selects the best location for you making it easier for those who have no idea where to connect to.


As a price for the encryption, most VPNs in the market tend to slow down your connection. However, ExpressVPN is designed so that it not only stabilizes your network connection but also speeds it up. Therefore, you get a faster and more stable connection regardless of the server location you select.


ExpressVPN is designed with the interests of the end-user in mind. For that reason, it is a very easy app to use, with a simple yet functional user interface. Additionally, the app is very light, so it doesn’t place a strain on your processor.

The Bottomline

It is certain you should use a VPN for your iOS devices for a variety of reasons. The most important reasons are the security and privacy guaranteed by using a VPN. As explained in this article, a VPN is an excellent cybersecurity tool to cover up for the weaknesses in iOS device security.

That’s it. Use VPN and hide your identity. If you have not an iPhone, then here are the 5 best VPN for Android Smartphone.

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