What are VoIP numbers?


Currently, people live in a world where technology has drastically changed humanity as time goes by. New and better tools and accessories are created with the purpose of making human’s life easier because these technologies can be applied in almost everything they do in their daily life.

VoIP Technology
VoIP Technology

It is a very useful tool and has many advantages such as allowing people to have access to information very quickly, improving the productivity of businesses and shops, facilitating access to education, improving entertainment, stimulating creativity and also innovation. It has contributed to great advances in medicine and science, plus it has significantly improved communications by enabling the exchange of information and keeping people connected at anytime from anywhere in the world.

There are too many ways to communicate with people around the world. Through telephone calls, letters, fax, instant messaging, social networks, emails, blogs, conferences and videoconferences, forums, signals, internet, etc. One of the easiest ways to communicate is through VoIP numbers, also known as Voice Over Internet Protocol numbers.

These virtual numbers make up a telephone service that works thanks to the internet with the objective of keeping their clients in touch with other people who have either normal or VoIP numbers. As they work with the internet, users do not need to have a connection to a telephone company or a SIM card, the only tool they need for it to function correctly is a good and stable internet connection.

What are the advantages of acquiring VoIP Technology?  Is it good?


As a telephone service that operates over the Internet, users can receive calls, messages and can also be connected to other people without the need to be connected to a radio base or a cable.  By acquiring this service, users get many advantages, such as not having to spend on extra hardware because they can operate these numbers through their current phones, computers, tablets, iPods, laptops, etc.

Users also save money because these numbers are not associated with a phone or rental plan, just the internet – which is very helpful when making international calls.

One of the advantages is to allow users to be present in many parts of the world without actually being. VoIP numbers granted to them also give them the benefit of having a digital presence in the country they choose. This tool can make life easier, not just for people in the business world, but for regular netizens too.

For those who have to move, leave temporarily or are outside their country but wish to maintain or get back in touch with their social and family environment back home, a VoIP number can make all of this possible in order to keep them connected. Something similar happens in the business world: let’s suppose that a certain group of people is seeking to start a company and their objective is to do this in the U.S. VoIP services offer plenty of mobility, flexibility and security for their projects, jobs and companies.

VoIP Number
VoIP Number

Users can manage their businesses from any other country in the world as they can contact future customers, business partners and other companies using a U.S. VoIP number. They can also make video conferences, calls and send messages through these numbers without being physically present in the U.S.

In addition to these advantages of the VoIP numbers, if people want to create an account on many platforms, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Signal, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc., these numbers are definitely the best option.

Most of these services require a number as part of the account verification process. With a VoIP number, people around the world can create accounts in any country they want, enjoying all the benefits these services provide. Users can have as many VoIP numbers as they want and they can use it in all the apps of their desire. There are no limits with this numbers, people can have more than one virtual number.

Users have many other advantages using a Voice over Internet Protocol service, aside of the ones mentioned above. It is very easy for those who wish to obtain one or more virtual numbers, just knowing VerifyWithSMS is enough. This company, operated by the Epsilon Technology LTD company, is the solution as it provides USA phone numbers to almost every single corner in the world.

Getting these virtual numbers with VerifyWithSMS is the best option, since users will always have a great customer service, good prices, security and efficiency.


Without a doubt this service is simple, fast and reliable. VoIP numbers have been working for the last years and they are becoming increasingly popular by how beneficial they are to people. This technology seems to be the future of communications. Join this world of virtual numbers, you will not regret it!